The Last Faith Restricted Key

The Last Faith The Restricted Key item.

The Last Faith Restricted Key is a special item players can receive by completing a quest for Lady Helenya. This key allows players to open locked doors in the Oxnevylle’s Manor, that cannot be opened without. To learn everything you need to know about the Restricted Key, see our guide below.

How to Get the Restricted Key

Lady Helenya in The Last Faith.
Lady Helenya outside of Oxnevylle’s Manor.

To get the Restricted Key you need to complete a special quest for Lady Helenya, who is located outside of Oxnevylle’s Manor. This quest requires you to find the Blessed Teacup item and return it to her. Once you’ve returned this item she will give you the Restricted Key as a reward for helping her.

Where to Use the Restricted Key

Jump from the chandelier to the third floor to find two locked doors.

After obtaining the Restricted Key, you can unlock two doors within Oxnevylle’s Manor. Proceed to the Oxnevylle’s Manor Hall and utilize the Grappling Hook to ascend to the second floor. Once there, employ a combination of jumping and dashing to reach the chandelier positioned in the center of the room. From the chandelier, execute a jump left or right to access the third floor above.

On the left side of the floor you will find a locked door. Open it to reach a room that has a chest inside of it. On the right side of the floor you will find another locked door. In this room is an item. To the right of the item is an illusionary wall you can destroy that leads to Lady Dorothea, who sells items and can be given Cold Dried Livers.

That’s all you need to know about the The Last Faith Restricted Key. Using this item allows you to unlock areas that are inaccessible without it.

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