The Last Faith Drowned Crypt Statues Puzzle Solution

The Four Statues puzzle in the Drowned Crypt in The Last Faith.

As you advance through the main storyline in The Last Faith you will visit a location called the Drowned Crypt. In this location you will need to solve a puzzle featuring four blocks and four statues. To correctly solve this puzzle you must push the blocks in a certain order. To help you learn this order, see our The Last Faith Drowned Crypt Statues puzzle solution guide below.

Drowned Crypt Four Statues Puzzle Solution

Deep in the Drowned Crypt you will encounter a room with four statues and four blocks you can push towards them. Above these statues is another statue with some writing which gives you a clue as to which order you need to push the blocks in:

“Take up the blade, and cut through the veil: your hearts shall be pierced by a truth unfathomable. But first take heed, protect your soul! At last, the reward is a mind split in tow, the cosmos spilling forth.”

This writing tells you the exact order you need to push the blocks below. Each statue is holding a weapon or shield that relates to the writing. The proper order to push the blocks is:

  1. Shield
  2. Sword
  3. Spear
  4. Axe

The video above shows me doing the puzzle for you to follow along with. Once you’ve successfully pushed the blocks in the order listed above, the door in the top left will open, allowing you to collect the Veil Shade item.

Once you’ve acquired the Veil Shade item you can place it into the square in the room to the right of the puzzle room. There is a second Veil Shade to collect from the other room. Upon collecting, and placing both you will unlock the path forward to the next boss fight.

This is just one of many puzzles found in The Last Faith for players to solve. Be sure to check out our other guides including how to complete Helenya’s questline.

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