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After you visit the P6 Cell, Pope will request for you to meet her in the Board Room. This starts you on your next mission which is The Face of the Enemy. Complete this mission using our The Face of the Enemy guide below.

Meeting Dylan

Image showing where to meet Dylan.

Enter the Board Room and speak to Pope. Pope will tell you about Dylan and basically give you a brief lore dump. After this lore dump is over return to the Central Executive area and head upstairs. Dylan can be found in the secured office with two guards stationed outside it. Enter the office to see a suspended Dylan. Walk up to the cube and a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene speak with Dylan to trigger another long lore cutscene. Dylan will give you the Level 6 Key Card and mentions going to the Prime Candidate Program in Containment. Lets head there now.

Find the Prime Candidate Program

Warp to the Logistics control point and head through the Medical Bay into Security. In the Security room follow the signs pointing towards the Prime Candidate Program. You will reach a level 6 locked door. Open this door and head through the metal detector and down the hallway to reach the Prime Candidate Program.

Prime Candidate Program

Image showing the office inside P7.

When you reach the Prime Candidate Program area make your way left of the locked door and walk through the hallway of offices. You will reach a large open room with a number of enemies take out the enemies then drop down below and head up the ramp leading south. Turn left and go up the stairs. Enter room P7. Interact with the items here then continue through into the Transit Corridor South.

Transit Corridor South

Image showing Transit Corridor South.

Open the locked door and head into the corridor. In this corridor there are a number of enemies. Take them all out then head forward and look for an elevator to your right (right of the control room). Ride the elevator down to the next floor. Clear this area of enemies and claim the Control Point. Head through the now open entrance to reach the bridge area.


Image showing the inside of the Bridge Operator room.

When you enter the Turntable area you will be prompted to move the bridge so it lineups with the tracks. To do this you need to first shoot the spores blocking the bridge from turning. Once you’ve done this make your way to the Bridge Operator room which is located in the northeast corner. Go upstairs into the room and interact with the console there. This will get the bridge moving. Cross the bridge to access Transit Corridor North.

Transit Corridor North

Image showing the open elevator in the Transit Corridor North.

Head across the bridge into Transit Corridor North. You will notice your progress is blocked. Look along the east wall for a man door. Go inside and go down the stairs. Continue forward until you reach a hangar with a helicopter inside it. In this hangar there are three wall sockets you need to put gold boxes into. There are two boxes in the hangar and one box in the room on the southeast wall. Put the boxes into the socket then take the elevator that opens in the northeast corner of the room.

When you step out of the elevator you will be attacked by a number of enemies. Clear them out then head to the east. Access the security room and open the locked door using the switch on the wall. Go through the security door and head down the hallway past the offices. You will reach a room with some floating enemies. Take them out then cleanse the Control Point. Continue heading forward and you will reach a room with a button in it. Push the button to access Ordinary Awe.

Ordinary Awe

Image showing the Ordinary Awe room.

Ordinary Awe is a room featuring a mockup of the town you lived in as a kid. As you navigate your way towards the exit of this room the exit will be blocked and a bunch of enemies will spawn. Take them out to open the exit and follow the signs until your reach Ordinary Dump Site.

Ordinary Dump Site

Image showing the Ordinary Dump Site

Make your way through the control room of the Ordinary Dump Site and head into the dump itself. Inside the dump you will get attacked by some enemies. Take them out then enter the Mobile Lab on the southside of the dump. Inside the mobile lab interact with the computer to watch a brief movie with Darling. We learn Darling took the Projector to Dimensional Research. This ends the mission and starts us on the Finnish Tango mission.

This concludes our The Face of the Enemy guide. As always if you have any suggestions or comments for me, drop them in The Pit below.



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  1. I somehow ran into a glitch on this mission which is why I am here on this page, trying to figure out what might fix it – started the mission normally but the security barrier, for whatever reason, was still locked. Maybe because I took a detour to deal with the anchor altered item side quest between the start of the mission and heading into the security area? I can’t think of any other reason why this glitch might have happened.

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