A Captive Audience Guide – Control

As you progress through the story of Control you will come to a location known as Parapsychology. Attached to this location is the Hypnosis Lab. Inside this lab you will see an Object of Power locked behind a door. This area triggers a mission called A Captive Audience. Check out our a Captive Audience guide below.

Hypnosis Lab Location

Image showing the location of the Hypnosis Lab.

The Hypnosis Lab can be found to the east of the Parapsychology area. In the Hypnosis Lab you will find a a control room with a interactable console inside it. This triggers a sort of puzzle to complete with the console.

A Captive Audience Console Solution

Image showing the solution to the A Captive Audience console puzzle.

To solve the console puzzle in A Captive Audience you need to input a certain shape. This shape is located next to the door (pictured above). Take this shape and input it into the console to unlock the door to the Object of Power. Once you’ve inputted the shape head over to the Object of Power and interact with it to be taken to an Astral Plane challenge.

Astral Plane Challenge (Seize)

Image showing the Astral Plane Challenge for Seize.

The Seize ability allows you to take control of enemies that are low on health. To complete this challenge you need to Seize the non-gold enemies and have them fight for you. Once they’ve killed the gold enemy the challenge will end. You will unlock the Seize ability, some materials, some ability points, and the Psychic Occupation trophy for your efforts.

This concludes our A Captive Audience guide. Drop any questions or comments you have into The Pit below.


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