The Division 2: Urban Jungle Apparel Event Guide

The new season for The Division 2 is in full swing and with it comes an apparel event called Urban Jungle. Apparel Events are time based events that allow players to purchase or earn Event Apparel Cache keys that allow for the chance to unlock new apparel items. To help you get the most out of this new event check out our Urban Jungle apparel event guide below.

Important: The Urban Jungle Apparel Event runs from March 31 – April 20.

How to Earn Urban Jungle Apparel Cache Keys

Image showing how to get Urban Jungle Apparel Cache Keys in The Division 2.

When you login to The Division 2 following the brief maintenance period that occurred you will be rewarded with a single Event Apparel Cache key. This key can be used to open the new Event Apparel Cache found on the cache screen. During the duration of the apparel even you will want to earn cache keys to attempt to earn all of the event apparel items. To earn cache keys you have a couple of options:

  1. Level-Up SHD: On every 4th SHD level up you will earn an Event Apparel Key. The SHD can be leveled up by completing various gameplay activities around New York and Washington D.C.
  2. Purchase Key: If you don’t want to earn keys and would rather buy them this is the second option. On the Store screen you can purchase Event Apparel Cache Keys for the cache screen. These keys cost 100 Premium Credits each.

The above options apply to WONY expansion owners, but those with the base game can still purchase keys to open caches if they so desire.

What Items Are in The Urban Jungle Apparel Caches

Image showing the items available in the Urban Jungle Crate in The Division 2.

Since this is an Apparel Event you are probably wondering what items you can possibly get out of the caches. In total there are four outfits, a mask, and some gear and weapons skins. The individual items within this collection are as follows:

Completion Reward (Get All Event Items)

  • Purifier mask.

High-End (2.9% Chance)

  • Guerrilla Boots.
  • Guerrilla Cap.
  • Rain Slicker.
  • Storm Mask.
  • Guerrilla Shirt.
  • Guerrilla Pants.
  • Rebel Bandanna.
  • Guerrilla Scarf.

Superior (2.9% Chance)

  • Chrome Beanie.
  • Hazard Jacket.
  • Hazard Sneakers.
  • Chrome Pants.
  • Hazard Beanie.
  • Chrome Shades.
  • Hazard Lanyard.
  • Urban Track Jacket.
  • Hazard Pants.
  • Zip Neck
  • Chrome Jacket.
  • Chrome Sneakers.
  • Hazard Shades.

Specialized (2.9% Chance)

  • Cloud Chamber Weapon Skin.
  • Doodle Weapon Skin.
  • Reconnaissance Boots.
  • Brainhog Cap.
  • Reconnaissance Shirt.
  • Camo Neck Gaiter.
  • Reconnaissance Pants.
  • Base Layer T-Shirt.
  • Green Beret.
  • Sugar Pea Weapon Skin.
  • Camo Army Cap.
  • Reconnaissance Shades.
  • Driveway Weapon Skin.
  • Plaid Scarf.

Collecting all of the above listed items will net you the special reward of the Purifier mask High-End mask. This item is a mask you can equip on your character under the Apparel screen when it is unlocked.

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