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The fourth, and final, league of the second season of The Division 2 is now live and with it comes a number of new challenges to complete. Like previous leagues you are tasked with completing certain activities over the course of the league to earn ranks that unlock rewards. To help you keep track of everything in this event use our Titan League guide below.

Titan League Challenges in The Division 2

The Division 2’s Titan League is the fourth, and final, league event of the second season of the game. This event takes place over two weeks and tasks you with completing specific ‘League Events’ in Washington D.C. and area (denoted by the blue trophies on your map). These events involve completing specific missions on hard or challenging within a certain time. The times for each mission are as follows:

  • Tidal Basin Manhunt: Hornet (Hard)
    • 1:00:00/50:00/40:00/35:00/30:00/27:30/25:00/22:30/20:00/18:00.
  • The Pentagon (Hard)
    • 50:00/40:00/35:00/30:00/27:00/23:00/21:00/19:00/17:00/15:00.
  • Lincoln Memorial (Hard)
    • 50:00/40:00/35:00/30:00/25:00/20:00/18:00/16:00/14:00/12:00.
  • DARPA Research Labs (Challenging)
    • 1:00:00/55:00/50:00/45:00/40:00/35:00/32:30/30:00/27:30/25:00.

To advance you rank you will want to complete these different levels hitting the specific requirements under the Next Stage limit (can be seen on the League menu). Alongside completing the missions above in the specified times you can complete a few combat challenges involving the Cleaner enemy types as well:

  • Black Tusk Elites Killed – 15/30/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/250.
  • Hostiles Disrupted – 50/100/150/250/300/350/400/450/475/500.

Unlike the missions, defeating the enemies listed above can be done on any difficulty. This means you could run Normal enemy farms if you are so inclined.

Titan League Rewards in The Division 2

As you rank up you will unlock different rewards for your efforts. These rewards unlock at different numbers of stages completed. So you want to complete stages to unlock your rewards (you will rank up while doing this). The rewards you can unlock are:

Rank 1-5

  • 6 Stages Unlocked: Titan Beetle (Patch).
  • 12 Stages Unlocked: Gear Crafting Cache.
  • 18 Stages Unlocked: Weapon Crafting Cache.
  • 24 Stages Unlocked: Season Cache.
  • 30 Stages Unlocked: Brand Crafting Cache.

Rank 6-10

  • 36 Stages Unlocked: Named Item Cache.
  • 42 Stages Unlocked: Season Cache.
  • 48 Stages Unlocked: Recalibration Cache.
  • 54 Stages Unlocked: Exotic Cache.
  • 60 Stages Unlocked: The Poseidon (Backpack Trophy).

When you reach the required rank and stage you will unlock the corresponding rewards above. To claim your reward go to Season 2 > League > Reward. If you don’t claim a reward it will be given to you at the end of the season event.

Overall the rewards for the Titan League are pretty underwhelming. Most of the caches are useless for 90% of end-game players since they already spend most of their time farming for the stuff Massive is giving out as rewards. What do you think?

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  1. Martijn Hoogmoed says:

    How can I replay the Hornet Time Trial? I’ve done the Manhunt but the Time Trial for Tidal Basin is not showing on the map, just the regular Tidal Basin mission. Do I have to redo the whole Manhunt?

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