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In the Episode 3 update of The Division 2 players gained access to a new area called Coney Island. As the name of this location suggests you return to New York in order to bridge the gap between Washington D.C. and the War Lords of New York expansion. Like any good area in The Division 2 there are collectibles for players to find in this new area. To help you get them all, check out our Coney Island collectibles guide below.

Coney Island Collectibles Map

Map showing the location of all the collectibles on Coney Island in The Division 2.

The location of Coney Island is split between two major segments: the Ballpark and the Amusement Park. Both locations are tied to specific Main Missions you will complete as you finish this expansion. Within each location you will find a mix of collectibles you can pick up:

  • Coney Island Ballpark Collectibles: 4x Comms.
    • Are you Threatening Me?
    • Speculation.
    • Practice Makes Perfect.
    • As Far As You Can Throw Him.
  • Coney Island Amusement Park: 4x Comms.
    • Trade Agreement.
    • Collaboration.
    • Set Up.
    • Ashes to Ashes.
  • The Bowling Alley Safe House: 1x Comms.
    • New Friends.

In total there are 9x Collectibles to find in the Coney Island location. These collectibles take the form of Comms. You will find one comm in the Safe House and the rest are split between the two levels. Check the map above for general locations of all 9 Coney Island Collectibles.

Coney Island Collectibles Guide

To help you find all the exact locations of each of the 9 collectibles on Coney Island use the video by YouTuber GCROCK above. In this video they walk you through where to find each of the collectibles in this location. If you wish to skip the video and want a general idea of where to find each collectible here’s a brief text guide:

  1. New Friends (Collectible 1): Inside The Bowling Alley Safe House on the overturned vending machine by the east exit.
  2. Are you Threatening Me? (Collectible 2): After passing through the first gate the mortars fire at head to the right and grab this collectible off the crates there on your way to the Ballpark.
  3. Speculation (Collectible 3): Gain control of the mortars then head down the boardwalk to the checkpoint. To the right on a crate is this collectible.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect (Collectible 4): You will find this collectible in a trailer opposite the first turret you encounter on the way to the Ballpark.
  5. As Far As You Can Throw Him (Collectible 5): On a picnic table before to stairs leading down to the Ballpark.
  6. Trade Agreement (Collectible 6): In the second room of the Arcade on a couch next to the double-doors leading leading to the Bumper Cars.
  7. Collaboration (Collectible 7): Next to the refill chest on a crate just before the exit to the boardwalk on the way to Dolores Jones.
  8. Set Up (Collectible 8): Drop off the boardwalk when it ends and head right into the beige shipping contain you can enter there. Go through the Seacan to reach this collectible.
  9. Ashes to Ashes (Collectible 9): Can be found on a Driver arcade cabinet in the area with all the Cleaners just before the old Roller Coaster.

That concludes our guide to collecting everything in The Division 2’s Coney Island. As you can see there are a few collectibles for players to grab as they explore this new area. Happy hunting.

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