Terraria Dirt Block Pet Guide

In Terraria 1.4.4 update there are a number of new items for players to find. These new items range from new weapons and equipment to pet summons. One of the more interesting pet summons you can get in this update is the Terraria Dirt Block pet. This pet, as the name suggests, is a block of dirt that follows the player around. To learn how to get the Terraria Dirt Block pet for yourself, see our guide below.

How to get the Terraria Dirt Block Pet

Image showing the Terraria The Dirtiest Block pet item.
The Dirtiest Block pet item.

To get the Terraria Dirt Block pet you need to find a special pet item called The Dirtiest Block. This item is only available on post 1.4.4 worlds so you will have to start a new world in-order to find it. With that said you will still want to start a new world regardless, because how you go about finding the block is a bit… destructive.

The Dirtiest Block is located hidden among the dirt blocks of each world, depending on its size. The amount of these hidden pet items on each world size are as follows:

  • Small: 3 The Dirtiest Blocks hidden.
  • Medium: 6 The Dirtiest Blocks hidden.
  • Large: 9 The Dirtiest Blocks hidden.
  • Special Seed: “Celebrationmk10” 5x The Dirtiest Blocks hidden.

To find one of the blocks you will need to get mining. That means you need to mine out all of the dirt blocks in your world until you find one of the hidden The Dirtiest Blocks items among them.

Image showing the Terraria Dirt Block pet.

How you go about essentially mining all of the dirt on your world is largely up to you. Ideally you want to do the mining on a new world that you don’t mind completely destroying. Additionally you will want to spend your time doing the mining on the special seed “Celebrationmk10” since it multiples The Dirtiest Blocks hidden on each world size by 5.

Once you do find this very rare item you can use it like you would any other pet item. Using the item spawns a block of dirt to appear as a pet. This block follows you around as you move around the world.

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