How to Get the Stardew Valley Items in Terraria 1.4.4

The Terraria 1.4.4 update features a ton of new additions to the game. These additions come in a variety of different forms including a new boss to fight and some fun new crossover items to find. One of the biggest set of crossover items players will want to snag is the Stardew Valley items. To learn more, here’s a quick guide showing you how to get the Stardew Valley items in Terraria.

How to Get the Junimo Pet (Stardrop Item)

The first of the crossover items that players can get is the Stardrop. The Stardrop item, when used, summons a Junimo pet for players. This pet is the mythical creature found in ConcernedApe’s farming game Stardew Valley. Getting the pet summon item is a fairly simple process, but it does require completing a few steps to obtain:

  1. Fish until you get the junk item Joja Cola.
  2. Take Joja Cola to the Dryad NPC.
  3. Hold the Joja Cola and speak to her.
  4. Select the Purify option.

Once you’ve purified the Joja Cola can you will see a brief sequence where a portal opens to the farm in Stardew Valley. Out of this portal jumps a Junimo. You then receive the item called the Stardrop. This item, when used, summons a Junimo to follow the player around. See this video of the entire process.

How to Get the Shane’s Blue Chicken Pet (Blue Chicken Egg Item)

In Stardew Valley there is a town resident named Shane. This resident is a romanceable character. As you increase your relationship status with this character you unlock the chance of having blue chickens appear in your coop on your farm. As part of the crossover the blue chicken can now be a pet in Terraria thanks to patch 1.4.4.

To get the Blue Chicken pet you need luck on your side. The item required to summon this pet is sold by the Travelling Merchants in-game. You will nee to wait for the merchant to appear and hope they have the Blue Chicken Egg item available for purchase. Purchase the item when it is available (costs 25 Gold) and use it to spawn Shane’s Blue Chicken to follow you around. Here’s a quick video of me buying and using the egg.

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