Terraria Mechdusa Boss Fight (Update 1.4.4) Guide

In the Terraria 1.4.4 Labor of Love update there are a number of new additions to the game. One of the new, more secret, additions is the inclusion of a new boss called Mechdusa. This boss is a combination of all three of the mechanical bosses in one form. To learn more about this boss fight use our Terraria Mechdusa boss fight guide for 1.4.4 below.

How to Summon Mechdusa?

Image showing inputting the getfixedboi seed in Terraria.
The “getfixedboi” seed input.

Fighting the Mechdusa requires following a very specific set of steps. These steps ensure that you are able to fight Mechdusa. The first of the steps you need to complete (or have already completed) is creating an “Everything” seeded world.

An “Everything” seeded world is a special world created by entering “getfixedboi” into the seed box during world creation. This creates a special “Everything” seed which features a combination of seeds not the bees, drunk, no traps, celebration mk10, don’t starve, remix, and for the worthy.

Once you’ve created an “Everything” seed world take a fairly strong character (ie one that can defeat all three of the mech bosses) into the new world you’ve created. In the new world it’s time to head to the next step.

Craft and Use the Ocram’s Razor Item

Image showing crafting the Ocram's Razor item in Terraria.
The Ocram’s Razor item.

In Update 1.4.4 the new boss summon item is called Ocram’s Razor. This item can be obtained and used on the “Everything” seeded world you’ve created. When this item is used it summons the new boss, Mechdusa. So how exactly do you get the Ocram’s Razor item? It’s actually fairly simple to do.

To get the Ocram’s Razor you need to combined all three of the Mech boss summoning items together into one item. This means you need to combined 1x Mechanical Skull, 1x Mechanical Eye, and 1x Mechanical Worm together. Once you have all three boss summoning items go to a Mythril or Orichalcum anvil and craft the Ocram’s Razor.

Important note to keep in mind about the Orcram’s Razor item. This item can only be crafted and used on an “Everything” seeded world. If you attempt to craft or use it on a normal world nothing happens.

Fight Mechdusa

Image showing the Mechdusa boss fight in Terraria.
The Mechdusa secret boss fight in Terraria 1.4.4.

Once you’ve crafted the Ocram’s Razor item use it from the hot bar. You will summon the Mechdusa boss. As the name of this boss suggests the boss is a combination of all three of the mechanical bosses you fight in the game. This means Mechdusa has the body of the Destroyer, the head of Skeletron prime, and the Twins as eyes.

Each part of Mechdusa is it’s own boss. Destroying the body will split the head from it. Destroying the head splits the eyes from it. You have to destroy all three parts of the boss to officially defeat it.

Like other bosses in the game Mechdusa has unique drops. When you defeat the boss you will receive a guaranteed Waffle Iron weapon drop. This weapon shoots waffles when used. Additionally you will receive a treasure bag of items.

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