How to Get a Pet Cat in Terraria 1.4

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The new Terraria 1.4 update introduces a number of new additions to everyone’s favorite sandbox game. Some of these additions a minor while others are a bit more major. One of the more minor (or major updates) additions is the ability to get a cat for your town. To help you get your own furry friend use our how to get a pet cat in Terraria 1.4 guide below.

Purchase Cat License From Zoologist NPC

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To start you need to get the Zoologist NPC to move into your town. To do this you need to complete 10% of the entries in your Bestiary. This amounts to 52 pages. Once you’ve filled the Bestiary 10% build a house and the Zoologist will move in. Once moved in the Zoologist becomes a vendor that sells a number of different items. One of the items they sell is the Cat Licence which sells for 4 Gold and 25 Silver. When you purchase this item you can use it to summon a cat to your town.

You Can Pet the Cat in Terraria and Get Presents

Image showing petting the cat in Terraria.

Once the cat is summoned you will see it appear on your map. The cat is like other NPCs in that appears in your Bestiary and you can interact with it. When approached the cat will let you pet it. The cat may also bring you present, so keep an eye on it when you return to your town.


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