How to Access Terraria 1.4 Journey Mode Powers

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In the new update 1.4 for Terraria there is a new mode called Journey mode. In Journey mode you have access to a number of different settings and powers not available in a vanilla game mode. These Journey mode powers allow you to change certain game parameters on the fly and can be useful if you are new to the game. To learn more about these powers and how to access them check out our guide below.

Important: You need to have Terraria 1.4 installed to have access to the Journey mode.

How to Turn on Journey Mode Powers

Start Terraria and make both a Journey mode character and Journey mode world. Head into your Journey mode and open your inventory. In the inventory screen you will now see a bunny wearing a hard hat. Click this icon to access the following powers in your game:

  • Duplication: Allows you to duplicate items you’ve fully researched.
  • Research: Allows you to research items you collect. Once an item is fully researched you can duplicate it.
  • Time: Gives you control over in-game time allowing you to change it or freeze it when needed.
  • Weather: Gives you control over in-game weather including wind and rain.
  • Personal Power: Contains changes you can apply to your character. Includes Godmode, Placement Range Extender, Enemy Spawn Slider.
  • Infection Spread: Allows you to stop/start infection spread in your world.
  • Enemy Difficulty: Slider that allows you to set the difficulty of enemies from Journey to Master.

All of the above mentioned powers can be toggled on and off on the fly while you are in-game. This means you have total control over your Terraria playthrough. If you are new to the game or have played it to death already, the Journey mode powers are a good way to jump in and have fun.

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