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Image showing a zombie wearing Leon's Jacket in Separate Ways.

Once you’ve gathered the piece of evidence from the Village Chief’s locked drawer and completed the chase sequence you arrive at the Abandoned Factory. At this location in the Separate Ways you will find another Merchant request you can complete. This request called Jacket of All Trades. To complete it you must track down a Leon’s Jacket and return it to the merchant.

Where to Start Jacket of All Trades Request in Separate Ways

Image showing the location of the Jacket of All Trades request in Separate Ways.
The request sheet is just outside the entrance to the factory.

Starting this Merchant request is fairly simple to do. When you reach the Abandoned Factory area the request sheet can be found next to the door. Interact with it to learn the following details about this request.

Description: “Some grubby thief has stolen a jacket! One of those nice sheepskin leather ones. Think you can get it back?”

  • Request: Sell a Jacket.
  • Area: Inside Abandoned Factory.
  • Reward: Spinel x7.
  • Progress: 1 Jacket.

You don’t have to pick up this note to complete the request. It simply gives you more details on the challenge for the area. If you enter the Abandoned Factory you can still find the Jacket.

Where to Find the Jacket in Separate Ways

Make your way inside the Abandoned Factory. Advance forward until you encounter an enemy wearing Leon’s Jacket (hard to miss really). Defeat this enemy and the Jacket item will drop on the ground. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.

Once you have the Jacket the next step is to take it back to the Merchant and sell it. He will give you 5,000 for it and the request will end. You receive the 7x Spinel for your efforts.

Completing this request gives you progress towards the Jane of All Traits Challenge. This Challenge tasks you with completing all of the requests from the merchant in the DLC. Completing it earns you 700 CP and unlocks the Elite Knife.

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