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Image showing the Bindery Shield puzzle solution hint in Separate Ways Chapter 4.

In Chapter 4 of Separate Ways there are five puzzles players must solve to complete the level. One of the puzzles that players will encounter tasks them with shooting three shields in the Bindery in a certain order. To learn how to solve the Separate Ways Bindery shield puzzle use our guide below.

Where to Find the Bindery Shield Puzzle Hint

The shield puzzle is located in the Bindery of the Castle in Chapter 4. In the Bindery there is a Lithograph that gives you a clue to solve this room’s puzzle. Go over to the Lithograph in the middle of the room and interact with it to receive a note showing shields and the proper order in which to shoot them. The only problem with this note is that it is faded, making determining the shield order a touch more difficult.

How to Solve the Bindery Shield Puzzle in Separate Ways

Image showing the Bindery Shield Puzzle solution in Separate Ways.
Shoot the shields in this order to solve the puzzle.

To solve the shield puzzle face the fireplace and look to left of it on the corner of the wall. You will see a collection of fives shields there just above the suit of armor. These shields are the one you need to shoot to solve the puzzle. Shoot the bottom left shield first then the top right shield second. Follow that up by shooting the bottom right shield to finish the puzzle.

Upon solving the puzzle a drawer in the room will open. Go over to the drawer and pick up the Red Ink. This is one of the required ingredients you need to collect as part of Chapter 4. When you pick it up you will trigger a cutscene with Leon.

Further into Chapter 4 you will encounter another major puzzle to solve in the Castle’s Collection Room. This room contains a locked exhibit with the Blue Beetle inside of it. To open the case you must solve the Combination Lock puzzle.

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