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Image showing the Combination Lock solution for the locked Blue Beetle exhibit in the Separate Ways DLC.

In Chapter 5 of the Separate Ways DLC for the Resident Evil 4 Remake there are a number of puzzles for you to complete. One of the latter puzzles you will encounter is in the Castle’s Collection Room. To solve this puzzle, and get the Blue Beetle, players must open a Combination Lock by correctly using three animal symbols. To learn the Separate Ways Collection Room lock solution, see our guide below.

How to Learn the Collection Room Solution in Separate Ways DLC

Activate Ada’s IRIS mode in the Collection Room to examine footprints and other details. Stand at the room’s entrance and observe the footsteps on the floor, which guide you to three exhibits: Beetle, Cow Skull, and Alligator.

To uncover the lock combination, keep track of the order in which you visit these exhibits. This sequence provides the correct input for the Combination Lock within the room. However, if you can’t solve it on your own, don’t worry; the solution is the same for everyone, and I’ve provided it below.

Collection Room Combination Lock Solution in Separate Ways DLC

After exploring the room and collecting information, you can unlock the Combination Lock. Approach the chest and interact with the lock to access the lock screen. To open the lock correctly, input the symbols in the following positions:

  • Left: Beetle.
  • Middle: Cow Skull.
  • Right: Alligator.

After inputting the three symbols, press “confirm.” This action will unlock the chest, granting you access to the Blue Beetle item inside. Open the display case and take the beetle to add it to your inventory. Upon collecting this item, a cutscene will trigger, reuniting you with Luis.

This puzzle is just one of several challenges players must tackle as they progress through the Separate Ways chapters. The next chapter featuring a puzzle involves entering Door Codes during a high-stakes chase sequence in Chapter 6.

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