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Image showing the Door Code Pads in the Separate Ways DLC.

In Chapter 6 of the Separate Ways DLC players must open a few doors using special Door Codes. Ada’s IRIS vision can determine these Door Codes on the keypads.. If you don’t want to do that I’ve put together this article for quick reference. Below are all the possible Separate Ways Door Codes in Chapter 6.

All The Amber Laboratory Door Codes in The Separate Ways DLC

In The Amber Laboratory, you’ll encounter three doors equipped with numeric keypads for code entry. Each door necessitates a unique three-digit code for access, with the specific codes varying based on the selected difficulty level. Professional players will find a distinct set of codes provided for their use.

  1. 148 or 116 (Professional).
  2. 237 or 906 (Professional).
  3. 430 or 769 (Professional).

To input the numbers mentioned above correctly, you must individually select each digit on the keypad. Once you’ve chosen all three digits, press the “E” key to confirm the code entry. If you input the code correctly, the door will open, granting you passage to proceed on your journey.

The initial door within The Amber Laboratory provides a low-stakes practice opportunity. However, as you access the subsequent two doors while an enemy pursues you, it heightens the code-entry experience and instills a sense of urgency into the situation.

Knowing the above codes can help you cut down on your time if you are trying to complete some of the DLC’s harder CP Challenges.

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