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The Separate Ways DLC for the Resident Evil 4 Remake features 49 new Challenges for players to complete. You unlock these 49 Challenges while playing through the expansion’s story mode. Unlocking each of the Separate Ways Challenges earns you a special reward including CP and special reward items. To learn more about the Separate Ways Challenges and what they give you, see the complete list below.

How to Complete the Separate Ways Challenges

To complete the Separate Ways Challenges you need to play through Ada Wong centered expansion. During this expansion you will naturally unlock some of these Challenges by simply progressing through them. Additional Challenges require a more focused approach involving using certain weapons and completing certain tasks.

To check you progress or view any of the Challenges listed in the table above access the Challenges menu within the game. To do this, go to the main menu of Resident Evil 4 Remake, then select Bonuses > Challenges > Separate Ways. Here, you’ll find the Separate Ways Challenges, which include progress on the Separate Ways trophies.

All Separate Ways Challenges & Rewards List

ChallengeUnlock RequirementRewards
See You AroundComplete all challenges for Separate Ways.0 CP
Start of This Little TourComplete Chapter 1 of Separate Ways.200 CP
First Time’s FreeComplete Chapter 2 of Separate Ways.200 CP
Always One Step BehindComplete Chapter 3 of Separate Ways.200 CP
Hound of DeathComplete Chapter 4 of Separate Ways.300 CP
Adios, Don QuixoteComplete Chapter 5 of Separate Ways.300 CP
Don’t Play By the RulesComplete Chapter 6 of Separate Ways.400 CP
Her Separate WayComplete Chapter 7 of Separate Ways.500 CP
Get Grappled!Perform a grapple gun melee attack in Separate Ways.200 CP
An Exclusive ItemGet the exclusive upgrade for a weapon in Separate Ways.500 CP
A Spy’s Weapon of ChoiceDefeat 50 enemies with a handgun in Separate Ways. 300 CP
Back Off!Defeat 30 enemies with a shotgun in Separate Ways.300 CP
MarkswomanDefeat 10 enemies with a rifle in Separate Ways.300 CP
Hail of BulletsDefeat 10 enemies with a Submachine gun in Separate Ways.300 CP
Steel HeelsDefeat 10 enemies with melee attacks in Separate Ways.300 CP
Better for Close EncountersDefeat 5 enemies with a knife in Separate Ways.300 CP
Bomber GirlDefeat 10 enemies with explosives in Separate Ways.300 CP
Beats Insect RepellantDefeat 5 enemies with grenades in Separate Ways.300 CP
CupidDefeat 10 enemies with the Blast Crossbow in Separate Ways.300 CP
Grapple GunnerDefeat 10 enemies with grapple gun melee attacks in Separate Ways.300 CP
Waking NightmareDefeat the Black Robe in the Village Square in Separate Ways.300 CP
Giant SlayerDefeat El Gigante in the Village Square.500 CP
“It” Kept You BusyDefeat Pesanta in Separate Ways500 CP
Had Enough of PreachersDefeat Osmund Saddler in Separate Ways.500 CP
Bingo!Hit at least 3 enemies in a single grapple gun melee attack in Separate Ways.300 CP
Warm SendoffComplete Chapter 1 of Separate Ways without destroying any catapults.300 CP
No WitnessesDefeat all the Ganado heading to the church after they’ve been summoned by the bell in Separate Ways.300 CP
Hats Off to YouKnock off the village chief’s hat in Separate Ways.300 CP
IntuitionSolve the combination lock without reading the collection room file in Separate Ways.300 CP
Almost a Zealot SandwichDefeat 5 enemies by crushing them under the pounding rocks in Separate Ways.300 CP
I Don’t MissComplete any chapter with 100% accuracy in Separate Ways.500 CP
Judicious JewelerSell a single treasure for at least 100,000 ptas. in Separate Ways.500 CP
BotanistIncrease your maximum health to the limit in Separate Ways.500 CP
Need the SpaceUpgrade the attaché case to the largest size in Separate Ways.500 CP
Weapon FanaticObtain all weapons and weapon parts in Separate Ways.0 CP
Jane of All TraitsComplete all requests from the Merchant in Separate Ways.700 CP
Elite Knife
Capable OperativeComplete Separate Ways on Standard Mode or Higher.500 CP
Glasses (Windsor)
Sunglasses (Oversized)
A Grade OperativeComplete Separate Ways on Standard Mode or Higher with an A Rank.1,000 CP
Hair Color (Green)
S+ Grade OperativeComplete Separate Ways on Standard Mode or Higher with an S+ rank.1,500 CP
Bear Hat
Skilled AgentComplete Separate Ways on Hardcore Mode or Higher.1,000 CP
Glasses (Round)
Sunglasses (Browline)
A Grade AgentComplete Separate Ways on Hardcore Mode or Higher with an A rank.1,500 CP
Cute Bear Earring
S+ Grade AgentComplete Separate Ways on Hardcore Mode or Higher with an S+ rank.2,000 CP
Chicken Hat
The Perfect MissionComplete Separate Ways on Professional Mode.1,500 CP
Countess Set
Ada the “A”gentComplete Separate Ways on Professional Mode with an A Rank.2,000 CP
Chicago Sweeper
Ada the “S+”pyComplete Separate Ways on Professional Mode with an S+ Rank.2,500 CP
Cat Set
Better Get a Move OnComplete Separate Ways within 2 hours.1,500 CP
No Herbs, No ProblemComplete Separate Ways without using a recovery item.1,500 CP
Enough to Get the Job DoneComplete Separate Ways using only knives and handguns.1,500 CP
No Time to ShopComplete Separate Ways without talking to the Merchant once.1,500 CP

What to Spend CP on in Separate Ways

As you will have noticed in the table above, you get a lot of CP from these challenges. CP can be spent in the Extra Content Shop. There is a bunch of Separate Ways items you can spend the currency on. These items include weapons, special costumes, and other bonus content.

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