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Image showing the Vest costume for Wesker in the Separate Ways DLC.

In the Separate Ways DLC for the Resident Evil 4 Remake there are a bunch of new CP Challenges that players can complete to earn rewards. Among the rewards are a bunch of items including things like Models, Accessories, and Costumes. The four costumes players can unlock alter the look of Ada, Luis, and Wesker. For a full detailed guide on the Separate Ways Costumes, continue reading below.

How to Unlock and Apply the Separate Ways Costumes

Unlocking all the costumes listed below requires completing a full playthrough of Separate Ways. After finishing Chapter 7, which marks the conclusion of the DLC, you’ll gain access to all the costumes featured in this expansion.

Once you’ve unlocked the costumes, you can equip them via the Extras Menu when starting either the base game or the DLC. These applied costumes alter the character’s appearance in both the base game and the Separate Ways DLC. However, it’s important to note that these outfits do not have any effect in Mercenaries mode.

Ada’s Dress and Undercover Costumes

Image showing the Dress and Undercover costumes for Ada Wong in the Separate Ways DLC.
The Dress and Undercover costumes for Ada.

In the DLC, Ada takes the spotlight with two unlockable outfits for players to choose from: Dress and Undercover. These outfits provide Ada with distinct looks. The Dress outfit is her classic attire, worn for quite some time, while the Undercover outfit is from her appearance in Resident Evil 2.

The Dress version of Ada is a character you can unlock the Mercenaries game mode. To get this version you need to achieve Rank S or above with Ada on all stages. Once that is complete this second version becomes available.

Luis Vest Costume

Image showing the Vest costume for Luis in the Separate Ways DLC.
The Vest costume on Luis.

Luis takes on a significant supporting role in this DLC, offering players the chance to unlock one costume for him. This outfit transforms Luis’s appearance from wearing a leather jacket to a Vest. However, since you don’t play as Luis, you won’t see him wearing this outfit as frequently as you might prefer.

Wesker Suit Costume

The final character to receive their own costume is the villainous Wesker. He abandons his vest and dons his iconic Suit from previous games in the series. However, similar to Luis, Wesker’s outfit change is only noticeable when he appears on screen, which isn’t very frequent.

In addition to the costumes that can be unlocked in Separate Ways, there is another notable costume available for Leon in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. This costume is the R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Department) uniform, which pays homage to Leon’s law enforcement background. Unlike the other costumes, it cannot be obtained through Separate Ways, but rather in the Mercenaries game mode .

These are all the Separate Ways outfits players can unlock in the DLC. There are additional accessories available to further customize character appearances, but obtaining these requires more effort than simply completing the main storyline.

Which of the Separate Ways Costumes is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.



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