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Image showing the Separate Ways Challenges screen in RE4R.

The Separate Ways DLC in the Resident Evil 4 Remake offers players a total of 7 trophies and achievements to conquer. These accolades challenge you to fulfill particular objectives in order to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold distinctions. To gain insights on how to unlock each one, check out the comprehensive Separate Ways Trophy & Achievements list below.

List of All RE4R Separate Ways Trophies & Achievements

In the Separate Ways DLC, you’ll discover a grand total of 7 trophies and achievements (5 are hidden) waiting to be claimed. These achievements include 5 Bronze, 1 Silver, and 1 Gold, each requiring you to accomplish specific objectives within the DLC content. To make it easier for you, the table below lists these tasks and their corresponding trophies/achievements.

TrophyTypeHow to Unlock
Giant SlayerBronzeDefeat El Gigante in Separate Ways.
“It” Kept You BusyBronzeDefeat Pesanta in Separate Ways.
Had Enough of PreachersBronzeDefeat Osmund Saddler in Separate Ways.
Capable OperativeBronzeComplete Separate Ways on Standard Mode or Higher.
Skillful AgentBronzeComplete Separate Ways on Hardcore Mode or Higher.
The Perfect MissionSilverComplete Separate Ways on Professional Mode.
Ada the “S+” SpyGoldComplete Separate Ways on Professional Mode with an S+ rank.

The list above features various challenges in Ada Wong’s DLC. To unlock most trophies and achievements in one go, play in Professional Mode. It’s challenging but worth it, as you can unlock 6 out of 7 this way.

How to Check Trophy/Achievement Progress in Separate Ways

Image showing the Separate Ways Challenges screen in RE4R.
You can track your progress on the Challenges screen.

Although most Separate Ways trophies and achievements are hidden, you can track your progress in-game. Access the Challenges menu within the game. To do this, go to the main menu of Resident Evil 4 Remake, then select Bonuses > Challenges > Separate Ways. Here, you’ll find the Separate Ways Challenges, which include progress on the different trophies.

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