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Image showing the item inside of the locked drawer in the Village Chief's House in Separate Ways.

Upon starting Chapter 3 of the Separate Ways DLC you will enter the Village Chief’s House. In the bedroom area of this house is a locked door drawer you can only open by finding a key for it. To find the key you need to look in a very specific location. To help you find the key and open the Separate Ways Village Chief’s Manor locked drawer, use our guide below.

Where is to Find the Hidden Key in Separate Ways

Image showing the Hidden Key location in Separate Ways.
The Hidden Key is behind this painting.

Leave the Village Chief’s bedroom and make your way downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs take a left and enter the dining room. In the dining room take another left and walk follow the wall until you find a painting on it that you can interact with. Interact with the painting to move it. This reveals a hidden spot that has the Hidden Key in it. Pick up the Hidden Key to add it to your inventory.

What’s in the Village Chief’s House Locked Drawer in Separate Ways

Once you’ve acquired the Hidden Key make your way back upstairs to the bedroom. In the bedroom approach the locked cabinet and use the key to open it. Inside you will find a note called Cell for Awaiting Judgement. This note says the following:

“Brothers and sisters! Our Lord is displeased! Do not recklessly slay outsiders at will. All people have a right to fair judgement. Henceforth, we shall deliver solemn justice without prejudice. Take anyone you capture to the factory basement. Do the same with traitors.”

Upon reading this note your map will update with the location of the Abandoned Factory and you will get a new objective to head there to look for Luis.

When you leave the bedroom you will trigger a cutscene followed by a sort of chase sequence. Complete this sequence to reach the factory and the Merchant NPC. Near the Merchant you will find a Request you can complete called Jacket of All Trades.

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