Resident Evil Village Weapons List

In Resident Evil Village there are a number of different weapons for players to use as they explore the creepy locales. These weapons make it possible for players to takedown enemies like the grunts and bosses you will encounter during a playthrough. Like previous Resident Evil games there is a wide variety of weapons you can find and use. The complete Resident Evil Village weapons list is located below.


Image showing the Knife in Resident Evil Village.

The staple weapon of a Resident Evil title is easily the knife. This melee weapon is pretty much available to you from the beginning of the game. You have to pick up this weapon inside the house after the hanging goat heads. It is located on the cabinet next to the lantern. The knife can be used to destroy boxes or defeat enemies if running low on ammo.

Chris: During the section where you play as Chris you get the Karambit Knife, a variant on the standard knife.

LEMI (Handgun)

Image showing the handgun in Resident Evil Village.

Like the Knife the 9mm handgun is another long running staple weapon in the Resident Evil series. This handgun is the first basic weapon you get while playing through Village. You will automatically receive this weapon after falling down the hole in the floor with the old man. The weapon will automatically be equipped after the cutscene.

Samurai Edge – AW Model-01 (Handgun)

Image showing the Samurai Edge - AW Model-01 in Resident Evil Village.

The Samurai Edge – AW Model-01 is a special tricked out handgun that once belonged to Albert Wesker. This weapon is part of the Trauma Pack that was included in the game’s Deluxe Edition. If you own the Trauma Pack you can buy this weapon from Duke’s shop.

M1911 (Handgun)

Image showing the M1911 in Resident Evil Village.

You get this weapon during the main story of Resident Evil Village. You return to the Village and visit a Workshop. Inside the locked cabinet with the Jack Handle Key Item the handgun is there. Simply pick it up to add it to your inventory.

M1851 Wolfsbane (Magnum)

Image showing the M1851 Wolfsbane in Resident Evil Village.

You can get a Magnum in this game after you defeat the boss called Moreau. Moreau resides in The Village’s Reservoir area. In this area you get a Crank that allows you to open Mechanical Doors. Behind the Mechanical Door near the Windmill. The path behind this door leads to Moreau’s Lab where the Magnum can be found.

M1897 (Shotgun)

Featured image on Resident Evil Village Shotgun location guide.

The M1897 is a Shotgun players can find and use in Resident Evil 8. This weapon packs a serious punch when used close range. The in-game description of this weapons is: “A pump-action shotgun used for hunting. Well known for its stability and reliability.” You can acquire this weapon by either buying it from Duke for 5000 Lei or finding it in the Village. It can be upgraded to improve Power, Rate of Fire, Reload Speed, and Ammo Capacity.

W870 TAC (Shotgun)

Image showing the W870 TAC in Resident Evil Village.

Once you complete the House Beneviento location you will open up access in the Garden area. In the shack nearest to the Beneviento’s Treasures you will find this weapon. It is inside on a table. When you do enter the shack you will be attacked by a swarm of enemies so be ready.

Syg-12 (Shotgun)

Image showing the Syg-12 Shotgun in Resident Evil Village.

This gun unlocks naturally as you progress through the main story. Once you reach Heisenberg’s Factory you will be able to purchase this weapon off of Duke for Lei. This is one of the better shotguns in the game. It can be upgraded to deal some insane damage.

V61 Custom (SMG)

Image showing the V61 Custom SMG in Resident Evil 8.

Like the SYG-12 the V61 Custom also unlocks by simply advancing the story. Once you reach Heisenberg’s Factory you will be able to purchase this weapon off of Duke for Lei.

USM-AI (Pistol)

Image showing the USM-AI in Resident Evil Village.

During the main story you will reach a point where you play as Chris Redfield. In this section you get a couple of new weapons. The first of these weapons is the USM-AI, a semi-automatic pistol that has been customized by Chris. This weapon can be purchased from the Extra Content Shop upon beating the game.

Dragoon (Assault Rifle)

Image showing the Dragoon AR in Resident Evil Village.

During the main story you will reach a point where you play as Chris Redfield. In this section you get a couple of new weapons. The second of these weapons is the Dragooon assault rifle. This weapon can be purchased from the Extra Content Shop upon beating the game.

F2 Rifle (Sniper Rifle)

Image showing the F2 Rifle in Resident Evil 8.

The F2 Rifle is a Sniper Rifle players can acquire while in the Castle Dimitrescu Attic. This weapon is sitting on a chair and can be picked up when you approach it. Like other weapons in the game you can upgrade this weapon to improve various attributes. Using this weapon allows you to pick enemies off from a distance.

GM 79 (Grenade Launcher)

Image showing the Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil Village.

Advance the story until your receive the Four-Winged Unborn Key. This key allows you to return to the East Old Town area. In this area you will find a Waterwheel Weapon chest icon in a shack next to the waterwheel. Open the shack door and go inside to get the GM 79 Grenade Launcher.

Land Mines

Image showing the Land Mines in Resident Evil Village.

If you hate having pesky monsters chasing you all the time the Land Mine weapon is a must have. This consumable weapon is placed for creatures to run over top of and explode. You can find this weapon in various parts of the game and can also buy its crafting recipe from Duke for 4000 Lei.

Pipe Bomb

Image showing the Pipe Bomb in Resident Evil Village.

The Pipe Bomb is a throwable explosive players can find and craft in the game. This item can be used in a variety of situations including blowing up cracked walls to reveal hidden passageways. You will find this weapon littered in various locations. The recipe for this item can also be purchased off of Duke for 2500 Lei.

Hand Grenades

Image showing Hand Grenades in Resident Evil Village.

During the sequence where you control Chris Redfield you will gain access to Hand Grenades. These are a throwable item that cause explosions where they land.

Bonus Content Shop Weapons

Image showing the Extra Content Shop in Resident Evil 8.

Upon beating the story mode for the first time in Resident Evil Village you will unlock a special Extra Content Shop. This shop contains a variety of weapons to purchase from the standard to more special weaponry. The full list of Content Shop Weapons is as follows:

WCX (AR)30000 CP; Complete main story.
Karambit Knife (Knife)10000 CP; Complete main story.
USM-AI (Pistol)20000 CP; Complete main story.
Dragoon (AR)3000 CP; Complete main story.
Handcannon PZ (Hand Gun)Complete main story on Hardcore difficulty.
Rocket Pistol (Hand Gun)Complete main story on Village of Shadows difficulty.
LZ Answerer (Lightsaber)Complete all Mercenaries stages with SS Rank.

That’s the complete Resident Evil Village Weapons List. What weapon is your favorite to use? Like blowing things up or prefer a more measured approach? Let me know in down in the comments. Be sure to check out more guides like this on our Resident Evil Village guides hub page.

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