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In Resident Evil Village there are a number of weapons for players to find and use. These weapons range from the handgun to more advanced firearms like shotguns and even mines. One of the first weapons you will have the chance of getting is the pump shotgun. This weapon can be found in the Village map of the game. For help in finding this weapon use our Resident Evil Village Shotgun location guide below.

Where to Find the Shotgun in Resident Evil Village

Image showing the map location of the Shotgun in Resident Evil Village.
Look in this house in the Village to find the Shotgun.

The Shotgun in RE8 is fairly easy to acquire (unlike some other weapons in the game). This weapon is located in the East Old Town section of the Village map. In this area there is a shack directly to the west from the East Old Town letters on your map. You can get into the shack through the balcony or crawl space beneath it. Inside this shack on the kitchen table you will find the Shotgun lying there.

Interact with the Shotgun to pick it up and add it to your inventory. Once you have this weapon you can start using the Shotgun Shell ammo in it that you’ve found throughout the map. The Shotgun is good for close range combat as it packs quite a bit of power when enemies are close by.

Where to Buy the Shotgun in Resident Evil Village

If you don’t snag the shotgun from the location marked above you can pick one up later from Duke, the game’s merchant. This character is first met in the Underground Vineyard location just before entering the castle. Duke sells a variety of weapons including the M1897 (Shotgun).

That’s all you need to know to find the Shotgun in Resident Evil Village. This weapon is one of multiple weapons you can find and use in the game. The variety of weapons available to you is fairly diverse. There are standard guns you’d expect alongside some more interesting ones. For more weapon related guides see our RE 8 guides hub for help.

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