Remnant 2 Archon Archetype Unlock

Remnant 2 Explorer unlock item.

In Remnant 2 there are special, hidden, archetypes players can unlock to get new ways of playing the game. These hidden Archetypes require completing special events or looking in off-the-beaten path locations. One of the hidden Archetypes you can find is the Archon. To learn what you need to do for the Remnant 2 Archon Archetype unlock, see our guide below.

How to Unlock the Archon in Remnant 2

To unlock the Archon you need to acquire the special material for the Archetype. The Archon class material piece is the Strange Box. The Strange Box is located in the Backrooms secret area that is accessible through a corrupted portal in the Labyrinth. To use this portal players must equip a very specific set of Archetypes and items that allows them to become corrupted and enter the portal.

Unlock the Explorer and Level it Up to Level 10

To start you will need to unlock the Explorer class. This means completing the game’s main storyline at least once. Once you’ve done this you receive the Broken Compass which can be given to Wallace to get the Golden Compass Engram. After you’ve unlocked the Explorer class you need to level it up to Level 10. Doing this unlocks the Fortune Hunter Skill.

Buy the Realmwalker Set

Remnant 2 Realmwalker set from Whispers.
Buy the full Realmwalker set from Whispers.

Visit Whispers in Ward 13. Buy the Realmwalker Set from him (becomes available after beating the game at least once). This set consists of the Beret, Tunic, Pantaloons, and Gloves. It costs a total of 2725 Scrap to buy every piece:

  • Beret = 400 Scrap.
  • Tunic = 1150 Scrap.
  • Pantaloons = 825 Scrap.
  • Gloves = 350 Scrap.

You need to equip this entire set when we need to get corrupted to enter the portal in the Labyrinth. This will be done at a later time in this guide, but remember that you’ve bought it now.

Unlock the Invader and Level it Up to Level 5

Remnant 2 Invader unlock item.
The Invader is unlocked by getting the Serrated Root Blade.

The next thing you need to do is unlock the Invader Archetype. This class requires getting the Dreamcatcher and then using it on a dead Root Walker in the Corrupted Harbor area of Root Earth. You get the Walker’s Dream consumable.

Use the dream consumable to enter a new area called Twilight Vale where the Bane Aberration is located. Defeat Bane to get the Wooden Shiv Material which you then need to give to Wallace to get the Serrated Root Blade which unlocks the Invader class. Once the class is unlocked level it up to Level 5 to unlock the Worm Hole Skill.

Unlock Ford’s Scattergun

Remnant 2 Ford's Scattergun.
Ford’s Scattergun in the secret room of the Library.

Complete the Yaesha storyline by helping The Eternal Empress. After defeating the world boss return to the empress and select “The Abomination is slain, Your Eternity.” and follow that up with “Long Live Her Permanence.” and then Kneel. The empress will thank you and give you the Seal of the Empress Ring. Wear the Seal of the Empress Ring in the Library of The Red Throne to reach a secret area that has Ford’s Scattergun in it.

Unlock the Void Heart

Remnant 2 Void Heart.
The Void Heart is located on Alepsis-Taura.

Complete the Seeker’s Keys storyline on N’Erud without using the Override Pin on the world boss Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud. After completing the boss fight The Custodian will take control of the core. Leave N’Erud and then wait 12 real-world hours or change your platforms time forward 12 hours for N’Erud to change to Alepsis-Taura. Visit Alepsis-Taura to find the Void Heart.

Unlock the Cube Gun

Complete the Labyrinth location and defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss at the end. Take the Conflux Prism crafting material that it drops to McCabe in Ward 13 and have her craft you the Cube Gun. You have to complete this boss fight as part of the game’s main campaign.

Unlock the Labyrinth Staff

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Spear map location.
Labyrinth Spear map location.

There is a hidden weapon in the Labyrinth players can find called the Labyrinth Staff. This staff is located in a special area area in the level. To reach this special area you need to follow a specific path that is north of the glitched portal. At the end of this path is the melee weapon.

Unlock Leto’s Amulet and 4 Specific Rings

Now that we’ve sorted weapons and Archetypes it’s time to sort out our Amulet and Rings. There are five total items you need to snag in this section. These items come mainly from vendors, but some must be found. The Amulet and Rings you need are:

  • Leto’s Amulet: Can be bought from Reggie after completing 100 flop dodges. You can wear the Mark I or Mark II sets to do this dodge easily.
  • Amber Moonstone: Purchase from Cass in Ward 13. Her inventory rotates, so check whenever you are in the area for this ring.
  • Black Cat Band: Can be bought from Reggie after dying a certain amount of times in the game.
  • Anastasija’s Inspiration: Buy from Whispers.

Once you’ve collected Leto’s Amulet and the 4 Rings listed above you will officially be ready to go to unlock the Archon Archetype.

Where to Unlock the Archon in Remnant 2

Upon collecting all of the items listed above, you can unlock the Archon Archetype. To do this go to the Labyrinth’s Fractured Ingress World Stone. Head left and take the shortcut to the glitched portal. If you don’t have the shortcut unlocked you will need to go the long way around.

At the glitched portal wait until it switches to the scene that drops down into nothingness with a ledge at the top (see screenshot). Wait 2 seconds on this screen then step through the right-side of the portal. You will land on a stone bridge. Walk forward in this area and take your last right to reach the corrupted portal. To go through it equip the following:

  • Class & Sub-Class:
    • Explorer: Equip the Fortune Hunter Skill.
    • Invader: Equip the Worm Hole Skill.
  • Long Weapon: Ford’s Scattergun.
  • Sidearm: Cube Gun.
  • Melee: Labyrinth Staff.
  • Armor: Realmwalker Set.
  • Relic: Void Heart.
  • Amulet: Leto’s.
  • Rings:
    • Amber Moonstone.
    • Black Cat Band.
    • Anastasija’s Inspiration.
    • Zania’s Malice.

When you equip everything listed above you will see a prompt on the door to open it. Interact with the prompt and use the Biome Portal Key to open the door. Step through the portal to reach the Backroom location.

Find the Strange Box in the Backrooms

Remnant 2 Strange Box.
The Strange Box in The Backrooms.

The Backrooms are a popular liminal space location that is a giant maze of yellow hallways. In this location there are no enemies, but there is a time limit. You are free to explore the location. There are three items in it you will want to snag:

  • Strange Box Material.
  • Bisected Ring.
  • Gunfire Security Lanyard Amulet.

If you run out of time while you are exploring you can simply go back in after you are teleported out.

Unlock the Archon at Wallace’s Using the Strange Box

Remnant 2 Archon Archetype unlock item.
Crafting requirements to unlock the Archon.

Go back to Ward 13 and visit Wallace in his room. Ask to see what he can craft. Among the list you will find the Hexehedron Engram item. To make the Hexahedron requires the following materials:

  • 1x Strange Box.
  • 10x Lumenite Crystal.
  • 1000x Scrap.

Once you’ve crafted the Hexahedron you will have unlocked the Archon Archetype. There are two ways to use this Archetype either as your main (by starting a new game) or slotting it into your second Archetype slot.

There are other hidden Archetypes in Remnant 2. Our Remnant 2 hidden archetypes unlock guide tells you how to get each and every one of them.

Thoughts on our Remnant 2 Archon Archetype unlock guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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