Remnant 2 Leto’s Stash

Remnant 2 Chicago Typewriter and Leto Mark II Armor set.

Remnant 2 Leto’s Stash is a hidden cache of items players can find in Ward 13 once they have access to the Labyrinth. This stash of items includes the Chicago Typewriter Weapon and the Mark II Armor Set, making it worthwhile to collect. To find the Remnant 2 Leto’s Stash items use our guide below.

Where is Leto’s Stash in Remnant 2

Leto’s Stash is located in the Ward 13 area, but it requires using the Labyrinth to reach. Before going to the Labyrinth ensure that you have the Biome Portal Key item (which you get from following the main storyline). This key is required to turn on the portal that will take us to the stash.

Once you’ve ensured you have that item head to the Fractured Ingress world stone. From this stone follow the route I’ve marked on the map above. At the end of the route you will encounter a portal. Don’t go through it. Instead walk behind it and stand on the edge. Look down and you will see another portal you can drop into.

The portal you drop into catapults you to a new area. In this new area take the first portal you see on your left. Immediately after going through that portal take a left and go through the hole into in the next room.

In this next room turn left and look along the wall. You will see stones jutting out that you can climb. Climb up the wall using the steps. About halfway up crawl through the wall so you are back in the portal room. In this room look over top of the portal to find a hole you can jump to. Jump to it then crawl through the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel you will reach a gate. Use the Biome Portal Key on the gate to open it. Go through the portal to reach Ward 13 where Leto’s Stash is located. Walk forward to reach it.

What’s in Leto’s Stash in Remnant 2

In the cargo ship you will find Leto’s Stash waiting for you. There are a few items in this room you can collect. The first item is the Chicago Typewriter Weapon. This weapon is sitting on a crate.

The other item you can collect is in the blue shipping container behind where you got the Chicago Typewriter. The end of the container is open and you can go inside it. Inside you will find the Leto Mark II Armor Set.

When you collect both items you they are added to you inventory. You also unlock the The Agenda trophy/achievement for finding this hidden stash of items.

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