Remnant 2 Labyrinth Staff

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Staff

The Remnant 2 Labyrinth Staff is a special melee weapon players can find on the Labyrinth map. This weapon is hidden away in a secret location you need to visit to find it. If you need help finding this location, this guide is for you. Below I walk you through everything you need to do to get the Remnant 2 Labyrinth Staff.

Where to Get the Labyrinth Staff

Remnant 2 path through Labyrinth to the Labyrinth Spear.
Follow this path.

Go to the Labyrinth map’s Fractured Ingress World Stone. From this stone head left through the shortcut past the glitched portal. Continue north until you reach, what seems to be the end of the pathway. Beneath you will be some floating stones.

If you don’t have the shortcut door open simply go the long way around (which you do as part of the story). When you reach the checkpoint by the glitched portal take a left to reach the location circled on the map above.

Drop down and use the portal platform to cross.

Stand on the edge and drop down to the floating stones beneath you. They will form a bridge under your feet. Continue walking north along the bridge until you reach a gap. Wait for the gap to be filled with a portal platform. Use the portal platform to cross the gap to the otherside.

Continue heading north into the next area. In this area you will reach a room that has the spear inside of it. As you approach the spear you will get attacked by an aberration. Defeat the aberration and pick up the spear to add it to your inventory.

That’s all you need to know to get the Labyrinth Staff. If you need to leave the room it is in you can save and quit out or drop down the hole in the center of the room. Here you will find a portal that returns you to the checkpoint by the glitched portal.

This weapon is the required Melee Weapon players must equip to unlock the Archon Archetype. Getting this staff and other items allow you to go to The Backrooms.

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