Pokemon Legends Arceus Getting to Work on Research Tasks

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After you complete you the first crafting assignment you will unlock the fourth main mission called Getting to Work on Research Tasks. This mission tasks you with helping the professor study Pokemon. To help you complete this mission use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Getting to Work on Research Tasks guide below.

Head to the Obsidian Fieldlands and Speak to Professor Laventon about Research Tasks

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Beuregard wants a Wurmple.

Once you’ve completed The Basics of Crafting the professor will approach you. He will give you the Pokedex and speak to you a bit about filling it in. To help fill it in you need to complete special Research Tasks. As you head to the Fieldlands Camp you will be stopped by Beuregard who will ask you to complete a request for him. He wants you to catch a Wurmple. This starts Request 1.

After you’ve spoken to Beauregard you can head towards the Front Gate. On the path you can speak to Marli to start Request 2 and Toshi to start Request 3 (can be completed with your Shinx). After that’s completed head through the gate to the Fieldlands Research base. Once you reach the base a cutscene plays where you learn how to dodge.

Follow Akari to Learn Some Tips for Carrying out Research Tasks

Leave the camp and follow Akari along the path. Approach her and speak to her. She will teach you about focusing on Pokemon to learn what research tasks you have left to do. Follow her and complete the tasks she asks you to do. Once you’ve done enough she will give you the Crafting Kit. This kit allows you to craft items without needing a workbench. She will also give you Recipe: Potions.

Reach First Star in the Galaxy Expedition Team

After you’ve learned the basics on Research Tasks you need to complete a number of them to receive a star rank. The easiest method is to focus on catching and fighting Pokemon you encounter. Once you’ve done enough of the Research Tasks return to the Professor and speak to him. Turn in your tasks and you will head back to the village.

Back in the village go to the HQ. Go to Cyllene and speak to her. Show her your progress in the Pokedex. She will Give you the First Star in the Galaxy Expedition Team. You unlock the ability to use Heavy Balls, the Recipe: Heavy Balls, the Recipe: Revive, and Pokemon up to Level 20 will obey you.

Following the ranking you will automatically go to The Wallflower for dinner. Both Akari and the Professor join you. Akari has a request for you from Mai. After learning this you will advance to the next day and the mission called A Request from Mai will begin.

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