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Pokemon Legends Arceus Request 2 Adorable Starly is a side request players can make for the character named Marli. Marli wishes to see a completed Pokedex entry for the Pokemon called Starly. To help you complete this quest use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Adorable Starly guide below.

Request 2 Notes

  • Requested By: Marli (Market).
  • Description: “Show a Starly to Marli of the Cupply Corps, who is rather taken with how adorable Starly Are.”
  • Target: Starly (Obsidian Fieldlands).
  • Rewards: Poke Balls x10.

Where to Start Adorable Starly (Request 2)

You can find Marli in front of the market in Jubilife Village during the day. She is just standing out front. Approach her when she has a request icon over her head and speak to her. She will tell you all about the Pokemon called Starly and how much she would like to see a complete Pokedex entry for one. Agree to the request to start it.

Fill in Starly Pokedex and Show Marli

Image showing the filled in Starly Pokedex entry.
Completed Starly Pokedex entry.

This task is a bit misleading as it says you need to show her Starly, but the first objective is actually to show the filled Starly Pokedex she wants. To fill the Starly entry you need to do a few things with this Pokemon in the Obsidian Fieldlands:

  • Catch.
  • Caught while not spotted.
  • Defeat.
  • Catch a different form.
  • Evolve.

Completing any of the tasks above raises the Research Level (upon speaking to the Professor). To fill the Pokedex you want to reach Research Level 10. After you’ve completed the entry head back to Marli and show her the page to complete this objective.

Show Starly

After you’ve shown the page of the filled in Pokedex Marli asks to see a Starly. You should have one in your inventory at this point since you most likely caught one while raising the Research Level. Show Marli a Starly to complete the Request. She will give you 10x Poke Balls.

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