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Pokemon Legends Arceus A Request From Mai is the fifth main story mission players need to complete in the game. This main story mission comes after you’ve reached the first Star Rank. Once this rank has been reached you must Meet Akari at the Training Grounds. To learn more see our Pokemon Legends Arceus A Request From Mai guide below.

Meet Akari at the Training Grounds

Image showing the Pokemon battle with Akari.
Fighting Akari.

The next day after eating at The Wallflower after ranking up Akari will great you outside of your quarters. She asks that you meet her at the training grounds. This objective is easy enough. Simply leave your quarters and head west until you reach the Training Grounds or fast travel to it using your map.

At the training grounds approach Akari in the center of the ring. Speak to her to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you need to battle Akari and her Pikachu. Defeat her in battle to meet a new character named Zisu. Zisu will speak to you about Pokemon battles. After the interaction go back to the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Meet Mai in the Obsidian Fieldlands

When you arrive in the Obsidian Fieldlands you will encounter Vos. Vos teaches you about the Back Strike technique which is that Pokemon are easier to catch/attack when you hit their backs. After you learn the technique and finish talking to Vos you will notice two characters with Requests nearby. Yeo wants to learn about Kicketot and Morel who wants you to make him Mushroom Cake.

After you’ve snagged those requests head to the southeast until you reach Mai. Mai is on the otherside of the bridge so speak to the member on it pass. Walk over and speak to the girls who are talking. Mai will fight you using her Munchlax. Defeat her in battle to win her respect. Mai gives you 5x Vivichokes for beating her.

Make Your Way to Deertrack Heights Where an Alpha Pokemon is Causing Trouble

After your fight you learn that there is an alpha Pokemon causing trouble in a location called Deertrack Heights. This location is southeast of where you battled. Follow the path and speak to Bjorn to trigger Request 13 to get some Cheri Berries. Agree and continue following the path.

At the top of the mountain path you will encounter Mai. Speak to her to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene the professor appears. After the cutscene you will need to fight the alpha Kricketune (Lv.12). Defeat the Pokemon to trigger another cutscene. During this cutscene the Wyrdeer appears (can be ridden later). You will then setup a new base camp and the mission will end.

Before you get the next mission you will head back to The Wallflower for diner. During the dinner you will learn about an attack that occurred to a group of researchers. The next morning you will get the next main mission called Summoned by Commander Kamado.

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