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Pokemon Legends Arceus Trees That Bear Berries is Request 13. This Request comes from Bjorn of the Agriculture Corps. Bjorn wants you to collect 3 Cheri Berry for him. To help you complete this quest see our Pokemon Legends Arceus Trees That Bear Berries guide below.

Request 13 Notes

  • For: Bjorn (Deertrack Path).
  • Description: “Bjorn of the Agriculture Corps wants you to get a Chery Berry for him. He says he’ll give you a helpful tip if you’re able to grant his wish…”
  • Target: Cheri Berry x3.
  • Rewards: Poke Ball x15.

Where to Start Trees That Bear Berries (Request 13)

Bjorn is located along the Deertrack Path on the otherside of the bridge you can cross when you are Star Rank 1. You go along this path while you are completing the Main Story Mission 5: A Request From Mai. Speak to Bjorn to start Request 13. To complete this Request you need to collect Cheri Berry x3.

Collect Cheri Berries and Deliver to Bjorn

Image showing the Cheri Berry in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Cheri Berry.

To complete this quest you need to find Cheri Berries. If you’ve been berry collecting up to this point you may already have the 3 berries need. If not you need to collect them from Obsidian Fieldlands. The Cheri Berries are red and found in berry trees. Throw a Pokemon at the tree to harvest the berries. Once you’ve collected 3x Cheri Berries head back to Bjorn and deliver them to him.

Once you make the delivery the quest is completed. Bjorn will give you 15x Poke Balls for completing the Request. This ends the Request for Bjorn called The Trees That Bear Berries.

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