Pet Simulator X Easter Egg Hunt Event

Pet Simulator X Mega Easter Egg.

During the Roblox experience Pet Simulator X Easter event there is a special activity that players can take part in called the Easter Egg Hunt Event. This event tasks players with finding 100 Easter Eggs hidden throughout the worlds of the game. Each egg you find can be hatched to earn special pets. To learn more about this activity see our Pet Simulator X Easter Egg Hunt Event guide below.

When is Easter Egg Hunt Event

Pet Simulator X Ribbon Eggs.
Easter Egg Hunt Event notification.

The Easter Egg Hunt event began on April 8th at 12PM CDT. While the event is running the Easter Egg Hunt occurs every 4 hours. This means you are able to take part in the event a total of 6 time each day. When the event is active you will see a notice on your screen like the one shown above. This means the eggs are spawned on your server and you can start to look for them.

What to Do During the Easter Egg Hunt Event

When the Easter Egg Hunt is active you can look around the different areas for 100 hidden Easter Eggs. These eggs, when found, can be hatched for a chance at one of four new seasonal event pets. The pets you can possibly hatch from these eggs are:

  • Egg Chick (Epic) – 76% chance.
  • Easter Axolotl (Legendary) – ?? chance.
  • Spring Griffin (Mythical) – ?? chance.
  • Huge Easter Bunny (Exclusive) – ?? chance.

As you run around collecting the eggs keep in mind that there are two types of eggs you can hatch: Easter Egg and the Mega Easter Egg. The Mega Easter Egg should be your central focus since they have a higher chance of yielding the Huge Easter Bunny pet.

The event lasts roughly an hour while it is active. This gives you a fair bit of time to look for the eggs in the different worlds. Keep in mind the eggs can span in various locations including secret areas like the Barn in Doodle World and behind the Waterfall in Cat World.

A good approach is to spend you time hatching the Ribbon Eggs to try and get those pets using Easter Coins. Do this while you wait for the Egg Hunt Event. When the Egg Hunt event is live do that then go back to hatching Ribbon Eggs when it is not available.

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