Pet Simulator X Easter Currency

Pet Simulator X Easter Coin piles.

In the Roblox experience Pet Simulator X there is a new Easter event that is running. This event features 8 new pets and 4 new huge pets. To hatch these new pets you need to acquire a special Easter currency. To learn more about this currency see our Pet Simulator X Easter Currency guide below.

How to Get Easter Currency

The new Easter Currency is very important to know how to collect. This currency is required to hatch the new Ribbon Eggs that feature the new seasonal new pets and a new seasonal Huge Pets. If you played previous seasonal events, like St Patrick’s Day, you will immediately recognize how to get the currency while the event is active.

You can get Easter Currency by breaking everything in the game. This means destroying vaults, presents, gift bags, safes, and coin piles. Each time you do this you will receive some Easter Coins. This is the easiest method and simply requires playing the game as you normally would.

If you want a more direct source you can destroy event specific piles. There are two types to be on the lookout for they are Easter Coin Piles and Cracked Eggs. Destroying these yields just Easter Coins, which makes it a very quick way of getting all coins to hatch the Ribbon Egg. Pair destroying these with a 3x Coin bonuses and you can really stack coins to hatch as much as you’d like.

Collecting the Easter Currency is very important if you are looking to hatch the newly added Ribbon and Gold Ribbon Eggs on Easter Island. These eggs contain special event Pets that are only available for a limited time.

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