Pet Simulator X Easter Island & Ribbon Eggs

Pet Simulator X Ribbon Eggs.

The new Easter Update is live in the Roblox experience, Pet Simulator X. This event adds a bunch of new Easter themed things including a new location called Easter Island. This new location is a bit tricky to locate. To help you find the new island and the special eggs on it see our how to get to Easter Island in Pet Simulator X guide below.

How to get to Easter Island

Pet Simulator X trampoline that leads to Easter Island.
Use this Trampoline to reach Easter Island.

If you are looking around for the Easter Island location you don’t have to look very far from the start. Make your way to the Spawn World Shop biome. From the spawn head into the town area. You will see a section featuring a purple trampoline. This is where you go to reach Easter Island.

Step onto the platform and you will launch into the air. Complete the platforming segment and you will reach the Easter Island world floating high above the rest of the locations below. Walk along the path forward until you reach the eggs there.

Ribbon Eggs on Easter Island

On Easter Island you will find the Ribbon and Gold Ribbon Eggs. These eggs can be opened for 280k and 2.68m Easter Coins respectively. The eggs have the chance of hatching the following limited time seasonal event pets:

  • Basket Bunny (Epic) – 98% chance.
  • Spring Bee (Legendary) – ?? chance.
  • Easter Yeti (Mythical) – ?? chance.
  • Huge Painted Cat (Exclusive) – ?? chance.
  • Huge Easter Yeti (Exclusive) – ?? chance.

If you are a collector you will want to spend a lot of time up here hatching for the Huge Painted Cat. Hatch while you wait for the Easter Egg Hunt to go live. Once that event is live you will want to take a break and go do that so you can hatch the big eggs.

Thoughts on our how to get to Easter Island in Pet Simulator X guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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