Pet Simulator X Easter Update Patch Notes

Pet Simulator X Easter Update Huge Pet.

BIG Games has been hard at work since releasing the April Fool’s Day patch last Friday. They are back today with a new seasonal event just in time for Easter. The new seasonal Easter event features new activities to complete and new pets to collect. If you are wondering exactly what’s in the new update today, you’ve come to the right place. Below is the full Pet Simulator X Easter update patch notes.

What’s in the PSX Easter Update

The Easter season is upon us and Pet Simulator X is getting in on the festivities. From April 8-22 there is a seasonal event occurring in the game that players can take part in. This seasonal event is, unsurprisingly, Easter themed which means there is a new Easter area to explore, a new Easter Island, new Easter currency to collect, and 12 new pets (8 normal and 4 huge pets) to collect. To read the full details see the patch notes below.

Easter Obby

Time to get hopping into the Easter Event!

Hop to the new Easter Island through the obby course above the Town area.

Limited time area! Happy Easter!

Easter Island

Spring through the clouds and step onto Easter Island!

Contains the new Ribbon Eggs and Easter Quest.

Easter Currency

Find the new Easter Currency by breaking anything with your pets!

Earn baskets of the currency by breaking piles of Easter Coins and Cracked Eggs.

Don’t wait, get started collecting the new currency!

Easter Pets

The Easter bunny has delivered new pets!

Enjoy 8 new pets and 4 new huge pets.

HUGE Painted Cat, HUGE Easter Bunny, HUGE Easter Dominus, and HUGE Marshmellow Agony

Available in the Ribbon EggsEaster Gift, and Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Eggs

Find the new Ribbon Eggs on Easter Island!

These eggs have 5 new pets, including the Huge Painted Cat.

Available for a limited-time during the event!

Easter Egg Hunt

Get ready to hunt some Easter Eggs!

Every 4 hours there is an Easter Egg Hunt, starting at 12PM CDT.

Search and hatch up to 100 Easter Eggs!

These eggs contain the STRONGEST pets!

4 new pets, including the HUGE Easter Bunny.

Find MEGA Easter Eggs for increased hatch chances!

Easter Quest

What’s an event without a quest?

To participate in the quest, attempt to unlock the Easter Hut.

This quest is available in Hardcore Mode only!

Easter Bunny Hut

Welcome to inside the hut…

That’s a cute hoverboard! The Easter bunny lookin’ cute too.

Good luck completing the quest to get in!

Easter Hoverboard

Time to hop around in serious style!

Complete the Easter Hut Quest to unlock the Bunny Hoverboard.

Only available only in Hardcore Mode!

Easter Booth

Simply participate open a Ribbon Egg to unlock this bad Bunny Booth!

Easter Gift

Surprise, Easter Gifts are available!

Unlock one for FREE by staying online for a consecutive hour.

Purchase x10 in the Exclusive Shop, only for a limited time!

These contain the HUGE Easter Dominus and HUGE Marshmellow Agony.


Removed Fruit Boosters

Fruit is no longer spawning randomly across the world.

For now, this was a feature unique to the April Fools’ event.

Let us know what you thought about it! Maybe… Just maybe…

Removed April Fools Event

Oh no, it’s all gone! What happened?!

April Fool’s area, eggs, error breakables, and paintball launcher are no longer available.

Hopefully you scored the Huge Error Cat. If not, head on over to the Trading Plaza.

It’s as if it never happened… get fooled!

Fan Art Restored

After considering yet again, we realized we made a massive mistake.

The fan art has been swapped back again. The art looks great again!

Feel free to submit your art to the Discord community. Thank you!

Happy Easter! Something shiny is coming up! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team

BIG Games

The most interesting thing about this update has to be the inclusion of so many Huge Pets. Normally Huge Pets are very hard to come by, but this Easter event features a total of 4 new Huge Pets you can acquire. If you are without a Huge Pet, this is the event you should be focusing your time on.

Thoughts on the Pet Simulator X Easter Update? Drop them in the comments below.



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