Pet Simulator 99 Advent Calendar

The Pet Simulator 99 Advent Calendar in Spawn.

The Pet Simulator 99 Advent Calendar is a special Holiday 2023 activity, added in Update 2, that players can take part in daily. This special activity allows you to complete quests to earn various rewards. To learn more about this seasonal activity and how to complete it, see our Pet Simulator 99 Advent Calendar guide below.

Where is the Advent Calendar in Pet Simulator 99

Located in Area #1: Spawn, the Advent Calendar features a large Christmas Tree marked with the text Advent Calendar. Approach this tree and stand within the gold circle next to it to access the Advent Calendar. This allows you to view the daily quest that must be completed to claim your daily reward.

What are the PS99 Holiday Calendar Challenges & Rewards?

The Advent Calendar rewards in Pet Simulator 99.
Each day the Advent Calendar features a new quest and reward.

Every day, from December 16th to 29th, the Advent Calendar presents a quest for you to complete. Successfully accomplishing each day’s quest earns you the corresponding reward. Refer to the table below for a comprehensive list of quests and rewards from this activity.

1Break 175 Candy Canes6x Small Christmas Presents
22000 breakables destroyed12x Small Christmas Presents
3Hatch 750 of your best EggsChristmas Booth
4Break 8 Gingerbread Chests4x Medium Christmas Presents
5Break 300 Candy CanesLarge Christmas Present
6Break 5000 Breakables in best area2x Large Christmas Presents
7Break 6500 Breakables in best area3x Large Christmas Presents
8Hatch 1000 of Best EggRudolph Hoverboard
9Break 325 Candy Canes17x Medium Christmas Presents
10Hatch 1000 of your Best Egg4x Large Christmas Presents
11Break 5000 Breakables in best areaX-Large Christmas Present
12Break 3 Gingerbread Chests2x X-Large Christmas Present
13Break 400 Candy Canes3x X-Large Christmas Present
14Break 5500 Breakables in best areaTitanic Christmas Present

Its important to note when the calendar refreshes each day. This occurs at 9am PT/10am MT. There is a countdown on the actually tree itself you can view so you know when the next day will begin.

This is not the only daily activity you can take part in over the holiday season. There is an Elf on the Shelf that changes locations each day. Our Pet Simulator 99 Elf on a Shelf guide helps you easily find it.

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