Pet Simulator 99 Elf on A Shelf Locations

The Elf On A Shelf in Pet Simulator 99 on the Like This Game Sign.

The holiday update for Pet Simulator 99, Update 2, has been released. This new update features a number of new additions to the game. One limited time addition players can find once a day is the Elf on A Shelf pet. This pet appears every 24 hours and can be interacted with to receive a special reward. To help you find this pet see our Pet Simulator 99 Elf on A Shelf locations guide below.

Where is the Elf on the Shelf Today in Pet Simulator 99?

Elf on a Shelf in Area 57: Cozy Village in Pet Simulator 99.
The Elf on the Shelf is in the Cozy Village area today.

Today, day 11, the Elf on a Shelf in Pet Simulator 99 is located in Area #59: Cozy Village. Make your way to this location. In the village look for the cluster of houses with a path through it. Go up through the path to find the elf on a small decoration. Interact with it to receive today’s reward.

Previous Elf on the Shelf Day Locations in Pet Simulator 99

The Elf on a Shelf changes locations every 24 real-world hours. This means you will need to track it down each day. The list below tracks the previous day’s locations of the Elf on a Shelf.

  1. Spawn
  2. Mushroom Field
  3. Ice Obby
  4. Ice Rink
  5. Farm
  6. Rainbow River
  7. Bamboo Forest
  8. Fossil Digsite
  9. Jungle Obby
  10. Underworld Bridge
  11. Sled Race
  12. Cozy Village

This guide updates each day with the elf’s new location. Be sure to check back each day if you wish to easily find this secret pet. Also be sure to check out our other Pet Simulator 99 guides including details on the Advent Calendar.

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