Pet Simulator 99 Update 2 Patch Notes

Area 59 in Pet Simulator 99

The holiday season has arrived in Pet Simulator 99. Today the second major patch was released for this Roblox experience. This patch is themed around the upcoming holidays. It contains a wide range of new additions to the experience including new pets, new areas, and new unlocks. To learn everything about this update see the full Pet Simulator 99 Update 2 Patch Notes below.

What’s in Patch 2 of Pet Simulator 99

This patch immerses players in the winter holiday season. Immediately, you’ll witness snow falling in the experience. Moreover, the spawn area has undergone festive transformations, featuring decorations like an advent tree and a newly introduced Present Machine. Players now have the opportunity to open gifts, with a chance to earn a free Titanic!

Accompanying the holiday-themed decor, there are fresh areas to explore, specifically #59-#63. Unlocking these areas grants access to 5 new eggs, presenting a total of 18 new pets to collect. Within these new areas, players will discover additional upgrades to purchase, a novel mini-game titled the Cart Ride, and a fresh-faced merchant offering the Snowball Launcher.

These constitute the major additions in this patch, with numerous smaller features seamlessly integrated. For a comprehensive overview, you can peruse the complete patch notes from BIG Games provided below:

New Areas

Unlock and enter into 5 new areas:

Cozy VillageRainbow RiverColorful MinesColorful Mountains, and Frost Mountains

New Pets

Hatch 18 pets from the new areas!

Open 17 Christmas pets from Christmas presents!

Plus, a new TITANIC and 3 HUGE pets!

(Titanic Gift, Clan Battle, & Crystal Chest)

That’s like 39 new pets, woo!

New Eggs

Introducing 5 new eggs!

Hatch your way through the Garden Egg to the Frosted Geode Egg.

New Upgrades

Find more player upgrades in the new areas!

New Hoverboards

Rudolph Hoverboard – Rewarded in the Advent Calendar!

Sleigh Hoverboard – Rewarded from opening Christmas Presents!

Present Hoverboard – Rewarded in the Clan Battle!

New Trading Booths

Christmas Booth – Rewarded in the Advent Calendar!

Present Booth – Rewarded in the Clan Battle!

Crystal Chest Huge

The Crystal Chest just got more exciting!

The new HUGE Wizard Westie has been added as a rare drop.

Cart Ride into Preston Minigame

Hop into a cart, tap to go faster, or to go slower.

Reach the end of the Cart Ride minigame for a reward!

Located in the Colorful Mines.

Clan Battle

Introducing the first Clan Battle!

The clans with the most points by December 22nd at 5pm UTC win!

Open Christmas Presents to earn points for your clan.

– Small Present = 1 point

– Medium Present = 6 points

– Large Present = 32 points

– X-Large Present = 165 points

– Titanic Present = 850 points

1st Place:

– Gold clan medal

– Huge Present Cat

– x10 Exclusive Eggs

– Present Hoverboard

– Present Booth

Top 3:

– Silver clan medal

– x3 Exclusive Egg

– Present Hoverboard

– Present Booth

Top 50:

– Bronze clan medal

– Present Booth

Rewards are given to all members of the clan.

Clan Features

New clan features!

– Country flags that show where the clan owner is from

– Private clan shout for announcements

– Clan battle medals will be displayed on clan pages

Advent Calendar

Time to get into the holiday spirit!

Complete a daily quest to unlock rewards during the Christmas event!

Limited time event for 2 weeks! Return every day for new rewards!

Christmas Present Gifts

Santa came early with Christmas Presents!

5 Christmas Presents can be found as drops & rewards.

Open presents for limited time Christmas petsitems, and other drops.

The bigger the present, the better the loot.

Including the Titanic Present which has a TITANIC Silver Dragon & HUGE Jolly Narwhal in it!

Upgrade Presents Machine

Didn’t get the present you wanted?

Combine smaller presents into bigger presents.

Upgrade Presents Machine is located in the Spawn.

Global Ornaments

Can you help us decorate for Christmas?

Ornaments are rare drops and may be placed on ANY tree with a custom message from you!

These show globally across all servers! Spread holiday joy!

Elf on a Shelf (location guide)

Be nice because an elf is watching!

Find the Elf every 24 hours for a surprise!

Present Hunt

Looks like the mischievous elf hid random presents around the map.

Collect them for free Small Presents. For every 5 found, you’ll receive a better Medium Present.

Gingerbread Chest Event

Randomly a Giant Gingerbread Chest will spawn into a random area.

Break it for a Christmas Presentcoinsdiamonds, and other items!

Candy Cane Breakables

Candy Canes can now be found anywhere! Break them for a lot of coins!

Christmas Cookie Item

Pets deal damage 10% faster for 5 minutes.

Found as a random drop and as rewards.

Hot Cocoa Item

You and your pets run 50% faster for 10 minutes.

Found as a random drop and as rewards.

Candy Cane Item

Increases chance for drops by 1.5%! Stacks!

Found as a random drop and as rewards.

Snow Merchant

Sells the Snowball Launcher and Snowballs.

Located in the Frost Mountains.

Snowball Launcher

The ultimate snowball throwing machine!

Found in the Snow Merchant.


Use as ammo for the Snowball Launcher!

Found in the Snow Merchant and as a random drop.

Friend Rewards

Get rewarded for having friends! I mean… inviting friends!!

Invite a friend, help them get to area 15, and you both get 100,000 Diamonds!

This has some limits, but that’s basically it. Free rewards!

Holiday Decorations

Grab your winter coats, it’s snowing! The map has been given a holiday makeover.

This includes the Trading Plaza. Make sure to keep your pets warm!

Fruit Exclusive Egg

Check out the fruity new Exclusive Fruit Egg!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Banana Cat!

2 new HUGE pets – HUGE Hippomelon and HUGE Strawberry Corgi!

The fruitiest pets to exist, don’t miss out!

Holiday Pack

The Holiday Pack can be bought from the Exclusive Shop!

Limited time only!

Titanic Merch

Holiday Titanics are coming to the Big Games shop!

Each comes with a matching Titanic in-game.

🔔 Get notified


Improved Active Huge Chances

The chances of hatching active huge pets has been increased!

This also increases the Huge Hunter Pass chances.

Power Leaderboard Update

On Tuesday, we removed Exclusive pets from leaderboard calculations and reset it for a fresh start.

Increased Diamond Loot

On Tuesday, we buffed Diamond drops in the final area compared to before.

Daycare Balance

On Tuesday, we tweaked the Daycare to give more Diamonds for end-game pets.

And we also set a minimum for early-game pets to help newer players.

Bug Fixes

– Changed it so you can auction Exotic items and most charms

– Fixed Social Reward not working sometimes

– Fixed Comets and Coin Jars not spawning correctly in some areas

– Fixed Golden Watering Can being backwards

– Fixed issue when hovering items on Rainbow and Golden Booths

As you can see, this holiday themed update brings significant additions and changes to the experience. There is a lot here to enjoy, so get playing! The next update will release on December 23rd.

Come back to Hold To Reset for more coverage of Pet Simulator 99. We’ve got a bunch of guides and other articles to help you advance your way through this popular Roblox experience.

Thoughts on the Pet Simulator 99 Update 2 patch? Drop them in the comments below.



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