Nightmare Kart Moon Shards Locations

The Moonlight Greatsword in Nightmare Kart.

In Nightmare Kart there are special collectibles players can find called Moon Shards which unlock one of the game’s endings. These collectibles are hidden across three stages and must be found and collected to unlock the game’s third ending. To help you find them all here’s our complete Nightmare Kart Moon Shards locations guide.

Moon Shards Locations Clues from Nicholas

Before I dive into the exact locations, I thought I would first share how you learn where to find them. During Level 11 in the boss fight with Nicholas, there is a chase sequence at the end of the fight. During this sequence Nicholas says the following:

One must find the moon shards, three. One is submerged where the dead lie. One is where bush & beasts intertwine. The last of the trio, ‘neath my watchful eye. Is found in this castle, locations awry. The truth of this secret, held in thou or thine casket. A sword most radiant, a true hunters gambit.

Nicholas, Host of the Nightmare

The clues he gives point us in the direction of where to find each of the hidden Moon Shards and what happens once you’ve found them all. What a helpful guy!

Moon Shard Location 1: Angel Graveyard

The Moon Shard location in Forbidden Forest Arena.
The Moon Shard in Angel Graveyard.

Clue: “One is submerged where the dead lie.”

The first Moon Shard Nicholas speaks of is located in Level 4 in the Angel Graveyard. This race is a special boss fight against Father Gregory.

To find the shard, complete the first part of the boss fight, which is the chase sequence. Following this, you’ll get locked in a boss arena with Gregory.

In the boss arena make your way to the top left corner (left of the fog gate). In this top left corner is the Moon Shard. Ride over it when you have an empty item space to pick it up. Use the shard to collect it.

Moon Shard Location 2: Forbidden Forest Arena

Drive left off the blue dock to reach the shard on the shoreline.

Clue: “One is where bush & beasts intertwine.”

The second Moon Shard Nicholas speaks of is located in Level 6 in the Forbidden Forest Arena. This race is a battle against the three Matilda Sisters.

The shard in this arena is fairly simple to find. When you spawn into the race you can drive forward onto a dock that has a launchpad on it. Don’t take the launchpad. Instead hang a left and drive onto the shore. Here you will find the Moon Shard next to the wooden fence.

Moon Shard Location 3: ???

Clue: “The last of the trio, ‘neath my watchful eye. Is found in this castle, locations awry.”

The third, and final, Moon Shard Nicholas speaks of is located in Level 11 in the ??? level. This race is a boss battle against the Nicholas.

Make your way through the boss battle until you reach the upper section of the tower where Nicholas uses the first portal at the top of the stairs. Take a right here and follow the path to the end. Here you will find the Moon Shard.

Once you’ve found and collected all three of the Moon Shards you can unlock the game’s true ending. This ending involves refusing the doll then completing Level 14. During Level 14 you receive the Moonlight Greatsword. You can also unlock a secret racer in this level.

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