How to Unlock Miralodia Racer in Nightmare Kart

Miralodia racer on the racer selection screen.

In Nightmare Kart there are a bunch of unlocks players can do to get access to various racers. One of the more secretive ones you can complete unlocks the game’s secret boss as a racer you can use in the Free Modes. To learn how to unlock Miralodia racer in Nightmare Kart, see our guide below.

Find and Collect All 3 Moon Shards

Moon Shard location in ???
A Moon Shard on ??? (Level 11).

There are three collectible Moon Shards players must find to unlock the game’s special ending. Theses three shards are also needed to unlock Miralodia as a racer.

To find the three Moon Shards look for them on the following maps:

  1. Angel Graveyard (Level 4)
  2. Forbidden Forest Arena (Level 6)
  3. ??? (Level 11)

All three shards are fairly easy to find, so I won’t list their locations here. If you do get stuck check out our Moon Shards locations guide for help narrowing down where to look for the collectibles.

Each time you find one of the shards you need to drive over it with an empty item slot. Doing this causes you to pick up the item. Use the Moon Shard to “collect” it.

Earn 40 Insight

Each level in Nightmare Kart’s campaign includes an objective that the player can complete to earn Insight. Achieve the top objective (such as placing first or defeating bosses quickly) to earn a total of 40 Insight.

Nightmare Kart level selection screen.
When you’ve unlocked all Insight on a level, it turns yellow.

If you didn’t manage to earn enough Insight, you can replay levels as often as needed. When you’ve unlocked the maximum amount of Insight from a level, its text will turn yellow on the level select screen, giving you a heads-up on your progress.

Refuse the Doll and Complete Level 14 Without Dying

After collecting both the Moon Shards and 40 Insight, proceed to Level 13. After completing Level 13, you will be prompted by the doll to either join her or refuse. Select the “refuse” option to trigger Level 14, which features the game’s true ending. Before you play this final level be sure you save your game.

The Moonlight Greatsword in Nightmare Kart.
During the boss fight you get the Moonlight Greatsword.

Level 14 features a two-part boss battle. In the first section, you complete a platforming sequence to reach a portal. After going through the portal, you enter the second section, where you face a boss fight against Miralodia.

To unlock Miralodia as a racer, you need to complete Level 14 without dying or losing any Insight, making it quite challenging as it’s easy to die. If you do die reload the save you made before the level so you have 40 Insight and can try again.

Once you’ve successfully completed Level 14 without losing any Insight you unlock Miralodia as a racer. This racer can be used in Free Play game modes. Select them from the Select Racer screen. You also unlock the Hunter Trike for use in NG+ mode.

There are other interesting secrets to find in Nightmare Kart. Check out our list of cheat codes and our guide to getting all the game’s different endings to learn more about them.

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