Nightmare Kart Cheat Codes

Cheats on the menu screen of Nightmare Karts.

Nightmare Kart is a fun indie game available for free on Steam. This title humorously adapts the Bloodborne Kart meme into an engaging kart racing experience, inspired by FromSoftware’s iconic Bloodborne. Featuring an interesting PS1-style aesthetic, Nightmare Kart also offers a unique cheat code system. For a complete guide to these Nightmare Kart cheat codes and what they unlock, see our list below

How to Access Cheats Screen

The cheats screen in Nightmare Kart.
The Cheats screen.

In Nightmare Kart, entering cheat codes is straightforward. Start by launching the game and reaching the main menu. From there, navigate to Options and then select Cheats to access the dedicated Cheat Codes screen.

On the Cheats screen, you’ll find a keyboard interface to input your codes. Additionally, there’s a handy tracking feature that indicates which codes have been successfully entered. This feature helps you keep tabs on active cheats in your game.

Cheats List for Nightmare Karts

To use the cheat codes listed below, simply input them exactly as they appear in the list. After typing out the code, press the >> button to input it. A message will then appear on the screen, revealing what you’ve unlocked with the entered code.

The codes listed in this section alter various aspects of the game’s gameplay. Once entered, these codes will appear on the Active Cheats list. To deactivate them, simply interact with the codes on that list to remove them.

  • BEASTSBEWARE – Unlimited Bullets
  • CANTTOUCHME – Unlimited Health
  • CATCHMEIFYOUCAN – Hyper Speed mode
  • DINGDING – Invisible Karts mode
  • HOPPITY – Boost Jump mode
  • ICANDOTHISALLDAY – Unlimited Stamina
  • SPLATSILVER – Paintball mode
  • TOPHEAVY – Big head mode

Unlocks Cheats

Nightmare Kart Bunlith character.
Bunlith is a Fodder character unlock.

The codes in this section unlock a few things in the game. There’s no immediate indicator of success after entering these code. To ensure the codes work, input them in the order they appear in the list below.

  • IMOUTTATIME – Unlocks all non-secret characters (found under Fodder on Select Racer screen)
  • YEAG – Unlocks Bunlith (found by scrolling down on Fodder) and makes the announcer say “yeag”

It’s important to note that character unlocks only apply to the game’s Free Play modes, not the Campaign. The Campaign always puts you in control of the Hunter unless you modify your game.

The Fodder characters are racers based on the enemies that appear on tracks. They are grouped together on the character selection screen under “Fodder” and can be scrolled through by pushing down on this selection

That’s all you need to know about the Nightmare Kart cheat codes. These codes are a fun little bonus for players looking to change the core gameplay and unlock additional characters to race with.

For more help on Nightmare Karts be sure to check out our other guides. They detail how to find the 3 Moon Shards, unlock a secret racer, and get the game’s different endings.

Thoughts on our Nightmare Kart cheat codes guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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