NBA 2K23 Yolanada and Sabina Questions Answers

During the side quest Courting Calloway in NBA 2K23 you need to answer questions asked by sneakerheads Yolanada and Sabine. These questions revolve around sneakers and must be answered correctly for you to advance the quest. Many of the questions asked are difficult to answer. To help you out here’s a list of the NBA 2K23 Yolanada and Sabina questions answers.

Yolanada and Sabina Answers

Image showing Yolanda and Sabina in NBA 2K23.
This duo asks you sneaker and hype culture questions.

Yolanada and Sabina are two sneakerheads in NBA 2K23. During the side quest called Courting Calloway you will meet them. After you meet them you need to convince them to hook you up with a pair of fresh sneakers. Before they will hook you up you need to prove your knowledge to them. The duo asks you to answer a total of three question in the sneaker/hype culture space:

Who makes the Birkin Bag?

  • A. Hermes.

Which shoe company was the first to introduce a microchip into their shoes?

  • A. Adidas.

What did the Nike logo originally intend to convey with its look and style?

  • A. Motion.

Answer all three of the questions asked by the duo correctly and you will be challenged to a free throw competition. The first part is simply making as many out of 5 as you can. The second part is free throw golf. Win both parts of the free throw competition to advance the Courting Calloway side quest. If you don’t you have to try again.

Once you complete this quest you unlock the ability to answer questions daily from Yolanda and Sabine. This daily side quest is called Fashion Trivia. Our Fashion Trivia guide has the answers to the daily questions asked.

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