Most-Played Next Fest October 2023 Demos Revealed by Valve

A screenshot from Enshrouded.

Next Fest October 2023 is officially over. With the Steam event now over players can ruminate on which of the demos resonated with them and deserve a spot on their wishlist. Knowing where to start in this process can be a bit hard, but thankfully, Valve is here to help. Earlier today Valve revealed the most-played Next Fest October 2023 demos list to help players pinpoint notable titles.

If you make your way to the Steam Next Fest page you will find a list of games organized in descending order based on the number of unique players who played their demo during the event. This arrangement simplifies the process of identifying the trending games throughout the event and helps you decide the titles worth keeping an eye on. Many of the titles popped up on social media so you will have probably encountered a number of the titles on the list.

Standout Steam Next Fest October 2023 Demos From Valve’s List

Taking the coveted number one position is Enshrouded, a fusion of Valheim and Breath of the Wild. Notably, this demo stood out for its remarkable polish and substantial content. Gamers had the opportunity to thoroughly test the game’s building, exploration, and combat mechanics, over an impressive 8-hour experience.

Another title that climbed near the top of the charts, and one that I personally spent a significant amount of time playing, is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. This game takes the world and lore of Deep Rock Galactic and cleverly transforms it into a Vampire Survivor-like experience. The demo proved to be a pleasant surprise, delivering an enjoyable gaming experience.

Despite the presence of numerous titles from larger indie studios on the rankings, a standout among the crowd is the smaller team’s creation, Europa. This game offers a captivating exploration experience, distinguished by its striking beauty. Drawing heavy inspiration from Studio Ghibli, Europa boasts a visually enchanting art style, making it one of the more visually appealing options on the list.

To explore the full list of these 50 games, make sure to visit the Steam Next Fest page. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our curated selection of the top five games worth adding to your wishlist from Next Fest October 2023.

What do you think of the most-played Next Fest October 2023 games? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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