Five Games to Wishlist from Steam Next Fest October 2023

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Steam Next Fest October 2023 has wrapped up, and with it, the demo season ends. These demos aim to grab your attention and make you want to add these games to your wishlist for future purchase. If you’ve played some demos, here are five games to consider adding to your wishlist from Steam Next Fest October 2023.

5. Robocop: Rogue City

RoboCop standing outside of his police car in RoboCop Rogue City.
The closes you will get to being RoboCop.

As I launched the RoboCop: Rogue City demo, my expectations were quite low. Typically, film cross-over games are subpar, created by developers seemingly disconnected from the source material. Surprisingly, RoboCop: Rogue City defied this trend.

The demo, offered by Teyon, serves as the game’s opening sequence. In this section, you assume the role of RoboCop in Old Detroit. While patrolling the streets, RoboCop dispenses justice with intense, hyper-violent action. The tone and atmosphere of the demo truly reflect a studio that’s in tune with the source material.

RoboCop enthusiasts should already have this game on their wishlist for its upcoming November 2 release. While it would have ranked higher on my list, the pricing does lean towards the higher side.

4. Crime Scene Cleaner

A screenshot from Crime Scene Cleaner.
Many of the crime scenes are very messy.

Amidst a sea of distinctive demos, Crime Scene Cleaner stands out as one of the more unique. In this first-person cleaning experience, you’re tasked with restoring gruesome crime scenes by removing blood, bodies, and incriminating evidence.

While it might sound like typical cleaner gameplay, this game offers a distinctive twist. Instead of working for law enforcement, you’re on the mob’s payroll. After particularly gruesome crimes, your job is to step in and handle the cleanup.

The nature of your work hints at an intriguing storyline upon full release. If you fancy cleaning gameplay with a unique narrative twist, make sure to wishlist Crime Scene Cleaner. Its release date is set for 2024.

3. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

A Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor screenshot showing the Scout class.
There are classes to choose from.

As a devoted Vampire Survivors fan, I’ve been captivated by Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor since its initial announcement. This game adapts the first-person gameplay of Deep Rock Galactic into a top-down survival experience.

Playing through the demo only heightened my excitement. The Funday Games team has crafted an exceptional experience, seamlessly blending the expected elements of the genre with Deep Rock Galactic’s signature features like mining and progressing to increasingly challenging stages.

If you’re a fan of Vampire Survivors and seeking a fresh take on the genre, be sure to add DGR: Survivor to your wishlist. Among all the demos I played, this one consistently drew me back for more, and I’m confident the full game will do the same when it launches in 2024.

2. The Last Faith

A screenshot showing a dragon boss from The Last Faith.
One of the bosses you can fight is this crazy looking dragon.

Metroidvanias have a special place in my heart, and I’m constantly seeking new additions to the genre. The Last Faith, developed by Kumi Souls Games, is one of the most intriguing entries right now, aiming to blend the dark, gothic essence of metroidvania with the challenging nature of soulslike games.

The demo available during Steam Fest offers a glimpse into the game’s opening. It features appealing pixel art, responsive controls, enigmatic settings, and formidable enemies and bosses, all of which add to its potential to be the next Metroidvania gem. Due to its potential this game deserves a spot on your wishlist ahead of its planned November 15th release.

1. Enshrouded

A screenshot from Enshrouded.
There are various biomes to explore in Enshrouded.

One can confidently assert that Enshrouded emerged as the victor of Steam Next Fest in October 2023. This game offered players a substantial demo, boasting a total playtime of 8 hours, making it one of the most substantial, and the most played, experiences available.

While the size of the demo is indeed impressive, its significance hinges on the quality of gameplay. Fortunately, Enshrouded delivers an engaging blend of base building, open-world exploration, and survival elements that promises to captivate a wide range of players throughout their experience.

If you’re in search of a game that combines elements of Valheim and Breath of the Wild, Enshrouded could be the perfect choice. Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist as it moves towards its upcoming Early Access release.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ghostrunner II – Sequel to the 2020 released Ghostrunner. Builds on the formula introduced there with new mechanics introduced.
  • The Talos Principle 2 – Sequel to the 2014 released The Talos Principle. Bigger and more complex puzzles.
  • Europa – Exploration game in a Studio Ghibli art style.
  • Laika: Aged Through Blood – A metroidvania that takes place predominantly on a motorbike.

Valve has released a list of the most-played 50 demos during the October 2023 Steam Next Fest. Check it out for more titles that may have been missed in the list above. If you’ve played anything you loved, tell me about it in the comments below.



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