The Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Demo is Definitely Worth a Try

A Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor screenshot showing the Scout class.

The Steam Next Fest is currently in full swing, showcasing a diverse range of free game demos curated for players’ enjoyment. Among these offerings, I had the pleasure of playing the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor demo—a distinctive single-player auto-shooter enriched with survival elements. This game fuses the features Vampire Survivor-like elements with the world with Deep Rock Galactic. After giving the demo a go I can safely say that I can’t wait for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor to release.

True to the Genre with New Elements

A Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor screenshot showing a boss.
Big bosses await you at the end of each biome.

Getting started with Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a breeze. At the beginning of each run, you pick one of four classes. In the demo, the available class is the Scout, specializing in long-range weapons and mobility.

After you select your class, you then choose a biome. In the full game, there are three biomes, but the demo offers only the Crystalline Caverns. Biomes consist of floors to clear, with waves of continuously spawning enemies and a mini-boss. Your primary goal is to reach the bottom to face, and defeat, the biome boss.

As you explore different biomes, automation handles vital tasks such as shooting and mining, freeing you to focus on combat and resource collection. This two-pronged strategy aids in your character’s progression, allowing you to enhance stats like speed, damage, mining, and reload speed. Building a strong character is essential for your survival.

Mining adds a new layer

A screenshot from Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor showing the miner surrounded by enemies.
Mining really separates this game from others in the genre.

The game’s standout feature, setting it apart from its genre peers, is its groundbreaking mining system. When you enter a biome, you can mine rocks and resources, altering the landscape and gathering materials for lasting stat upgrades between playthroughs. This unique system defines the game, giving you the ability to construct tactical kill tunnels or quickly devise an escape plan in the face of overwhelming enemy numbers.

I’m a Vampire Survivors fan, and I had a great time playing the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor demo. It has both similarities and differences that make it interesting. Right now, I’m excited to go back in, level up my Scout, and find new items. If you like single-player auto-shooters, give the demo a try; it’s a lot of fun for genre enthusiasts.

As of now, there is no official release date for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. The game is scheduled for an Early Access launch in the first quarter of 2024 on PC.

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Have you played the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor demo? Let me know in the comments below.



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