Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 5F Gem Locations – Collected All RIP Suite Gems

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Once you’ve freed E.Gadd you will make your way to Floor 5, which is called RIP Suite. On this floor you will search for E.Gadd’s Briefcase. As you search keep in mind there are collectible gems you can find on this floor. To help you locate them all, check out our all 5F Gem locations guide below.

White Gem Location: Ghost on Balcony of Room 508

Image showing the ghost on the balcony in Room 508.

The White Gem can be acquired by defeating the ghost you can find on the balcony of Room 508. To get the ghost to appear look through the telescope on the balcony. Doing this causes the ghost to appear. Defeat the ghost to get the White Gem.

Red Gem Location: Gargoyle by Balcony of Room 501

Image showing the door to the Balcony in Room 501.
Image showing the Red Gem Gargoyle in Room 501.

To reach Rooms 501-503 you need to use both Gooigi and Luigi with the Plunger to move the couch out of the way. Once you’ve done this head to where room 501 should be (it disappeared at the start of the game). Use your Dark Light on the door then vacuum up the blue orbs that appear. Head inside the door that appears. In room 501 go to the top right corner of the room and use your Dark Light to reveal a door to the balcony. Move Princess Peach’s luggage and go out onto the balcony. Head right and you will see a Gargoyle with the Red Gem in its mouth. Interact with the Gargoyle to get the gem.

Note: You may want to do the Yellow Gem next since you are in the area of it.

Blue Gem Location: Vent in Laundry Room

Image showing the door to the Laundry Room in the RIP Suites.
Image showing the location of the Blue Gem in the Laundry Room in RIP Suites.

From the elevator head to the right until you see a vending machine. Use your plunger on the vending machine to pull it over and reveal a door. Go inside the door to access the Laundry Room. Inside this room there are a few ghosts, take them out. Use your plunger on the grate in the left corner of the Laundry Room to get to the Blue Gem.

Green Gem Location: Statue in Hallway

Image showing the Green Gem location in RIP Suites.

Walk down the hallway towards Room 506. As you are walk through the hallway you will see two statues. Grab the brown orb off the statue to the left and shoot it at the statue holding the Green Gem. Grab the gem when it appears.

Purple Gem Location: Secret Bathroom Area in Room 507

Image showing the Purple Gem location in Room 507 bathroom.

Go into Room 507 and enter the bathroom. Inside this bathroom use your vacuum to pull the tarp in the left corner of the room. Removing this tarp reveals a hole in the wall. Go through the hole to reach a secret area. In this area you will see the Purple Gem to the right. Use your Plunger to move the luggage blocking your way.

Yellow Gem Location: Room 502 Bathroom

Image showing how to get the Yellow Gem in RIP Suite.

Head inside Room 502 (see Red Gem for how to access area) and go into the bathroom. Inside the bathroom complete the following steps:

  1. Send Gooigi down the drain.
  2. Using Gooigi pull the wood off the valve with your plunger.
  3. Turn the valve by sucking it. Change to Luigi.
  4. Suck the Shower Curtain off.
  5. Blow the tap on the Shower to fill the tub. This causes a yellow box to appear.
  6. Smash yellow box with Plunger to get Yellow Gem.

That’s all you need to know to collect all the Gems in the RIP Suite area of the Last Resort hotel. Collecting all of these gems nets you the Collected All RIP Suite Gems achievement.

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