NBA 2K20 Locker Codes List

Like previous iterations in the series, NBA 2K20 features Locker Codes. These codes are released by 2K and are inputted into your MyTEAM’s Locker Codes to unlock new items ranging from in-game currency to player cards. To help you keep track of the Locker Codes available in the game check out our complete list of all NBA 2K20 Locker Codes below.

IMPORANT: There are no longer any Locker Codes for 2K20. Check out our more recent guides for 2K21, 2K22, and 2K23.

All Locker Codes

Image showing the NBA 2K20 locker code drop the ball game.
The drop the ball mini-game.

Below are all the currently active Locker Codes in NBA 2K20. Locker Codes are released on the official NBA 2K Twitter account and through different livestreams and event held by the company. You will want to follow the Twitter and check it out regularly to stay on top of the codes that are released. Some codes have very short active windows. The currently active Locker Codes are located in the table below:


How to Input Locker Codes

Image showing where to put in locker codes in NBA 2K20.

To input the actives codes make your way to your MyTEAM and select the Extras tab. On the Extras screen you should see a tile for Locker Codes. Select the Locker Codes tile to open up a window that allows you to put in a code. Input the Locker Code and push submit. Once the Locker Code is inputted you will either play a new minigame, or be given your prize. Simple as that.

Given the frequency of Locker Code releases you will want to check this page often. 2K likes to release a lot of codes throughout the year of the game’s release. Using these codes is a good way to improve your team with minimal cost.

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