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After killing Nergigante, you will learn about three Elder Dragons that are now terrorising the various areas of the New World. SInce we are monster hunters, it’s our duty to find them and kill them. To do this, you will need to search the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and the Rotten Vale for clues that will unlock each monster’s mission (similar to Nergigante). The Elder Dragon you unlock in the Ancient Forest is called Kushala Daora, and it specializes in using the wind. To help you defeat this Elder Dragon, use our Kushala Daora Guide below.

Kushala Daora Information

Difficulty: 8⭐

Location: Ancient Forest + Elder’s Recess

Size: Large

Species: Elder Dragon

Weak To:

  • Thunder 3⭐
  • Dragon 2⭐

Breakable/Severable (Weak Points):  Head (weak point), Front Legs (weak point), Tail (weak point), Wings

Material (Carves + High Rank Rewards): 

Scale+ 5⭐
Carapace 4⭐
Claw+ 3⭐
Webbing 3⭐
Horn+ 2⭐
Gem ⭐
Scale+ 4⭐
Carapace 4⭐
Claw+ 3⭐
ED Bone 3⭐
ED Blood 3⭐
Horn+ 2⭐

Reward Money: 18000 z

Hunting Quest: Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel

Hunting Quest Text: The elder dragon tracks in the forest? Kushala Daora. I’m sure of it. We know it’s in the Elder’s Recess. For the safety of everyone in Astera, we’re counting on you!

Characteristics: An elder dragon that shields itself with fierce winds, preventing anyone from approaching it. Its skin consists of hard, metallic scales.

Useful Information: When confronted by enemies, Kushala’s wind shield continuously grows in intensity, eventually deflecting bow and bowgun attacks. Its wind shield can be weakened by staggering it, particularly with weapons with Elderseal capabilities.

Kushala Daora Fight Guide

Main Fight Mechanic: Wind Pressure

Wind Pressure: Kushala Daora utilizes Wind Pressure throughout the entire fight. Wind Pressure causes your character to go unresponsive for a few seconds and can even knock you over. There’s not much you can do to avoid the effect of wind, besides avoiding the spots it is present. (Nullify Wind Pressure skill nullifies the effects of Wind Pressure).


Kushala Daora can be a bit of a frustrating fight as it utilize Wind Pressure and speed to make things difficult. With that being said, this Elder Dragon has a relatively small collections of attacks, which means learning the fight is simple. Let’s take a look at its attacks below:

  • Twister: Kushala Daora launches into the air and generates a twister around itself. In this state you will be unable to get close enough to hit it.
  • Bite: Bites at the hunter when near its face.
  • Short Air Blast: While on the ground can shoot a short air blast straight or in an arching fashion.
  • Long Charged Air Blast: Daora sucks in air and shoots out a large air blast which covers a long distance. This attack is similar to Val Hazak’s poison blast.
  • Dive: When flying, Daora likes to dive at the hunter.
  • Flying Air Blast: While flying, will shoot air at the hunter.

Fight Tips

Kushala Daora seems like a tough fight, but is actually the easiest of all the Elder Dragons (sans Zorah). The reason this is a the case is because Daora likes being airborne as much as possible. This makes it susceptible to Flash Pod shuts, which knock it from the sky to the ground where it will lay stunned for a few seconds. You can deal a ton of damage while it is lying down and simply  rinse and repeat.

  • Eat up – Head into the fight having eaten a meal from the Canteen (do this for every fight to make life easier).
  • Flahpods + Flashbugs – Bring Flashpods and Flashbugs. Save the Flashpods for when Daora begins to fly. This will knock it to the ground every time.
  • Drop the Boulder – If Daora heads to the area where you find Dodogama in Elder’s Recess, it will wait beneath the large stalactite that can be dropped on it with a stinger shot.
  • Avoid the Wind – Keep your distance from the tornadoes Daora generates. Simply run away from them and make Daora come to you.
  • SOS – If you need to, send out an SOS and get some extra help from the MHW community.

Note: share your tips in the comments and I will add them here.

Kushala α+β Set (Rarity 8)

Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Kushala Daora Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Glare – 4x Scale+, 4x Carapace, 2x Webbing, 4x Elder Dragon Bone*
  • Cista – 5x Carapace, 3x Horn+, 2x Claw+, 1x Gem
  • Grip – 5x Carapace, 2x Horn+, 2x Tail, 1x Legian Plate*
  • Cocoon – 4x Scale+, 4x Carapace, 2x Horn+, 5x Carbalite Ore*
  • Crus – 5x Carapace, 4x Scale+, 3x Webbing, 3x Elder Dragon Blood*

Set Bonus:

  • 3 PiecesKushala Daora Flight (Nullify Wind Pressure): Negates all wind pressure.
Image of the Daora Set Palico

The Daora Set on my Palico.

Palico: All Materials are Kushala Daora Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Wand – 1x Claw+
  • Snarl – 1x Scale+
  • Vise – 1x Carapace

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This concludes our Kushala Daora guide. Wish to add something? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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