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During the currently running Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact there are a number of side quests for players to complete. One of the side quests features an Illumiscreen. This screen allows players to overlay symbols on a map to find treasure that has been hidden by the Adventure Guild. The third of this type of quest is the Illumiscreen III mission. Use our Illumiscreen III guide below to complete it.

Illumiscreen: Divine Crane Picture Solution

To start this event head to the Liyue Harbor and speak to Brother Qian at night. When you do this Brother Qian will give you the rundown on how this event works. Basically there are three lanterns you can turn that display an image over the Illumiscreen. When the image is made successfully it will reveal treasure. Today’s image is to make the Divine Crane on the map. Doing this is slightly more difficult as the lanterns are linked together. Rotate the lanterns until you get the image above. At the three glowing points of the image you will find treasure.

Illumiscreen III Treasure Locations

Image showing the Illumiscreen III Treasure Locations on the map.

Now that we have the locations of the three treasures it is time to go get them. The treasure points will be marked on your map when you solve and observe the Illumiscreen puzzle. The three locations are:

  1. Near Lisha Statue of the Seven: To the west of the Lisha Statue of the Seven there is a watchtower ruins. At the bottom of the ruins is the exquisite chest.
  2. North Cliffside Overlooking Sea of Clouds: Light the four torches around the treasure chest to access it. Look at the pedestal the chest is on for directions where to look. There is one hidden torch in the rocks directly behind the chest. Destroy them to reveal it.
  3. Island: There is a digeable spot next to the ruin hunter on the southside of the island. Dig it to get the treasure chest to appear.

Once you’ve collected the treasure from within the three chests listed above you will need to head back to Brother Qian. Do this now. When you return to this NPC let him know you’ve found all the treasure. For you effort you will receive a number of rewards including Primogems and Mora. You will also be able to open three chests that appear on the dock for completing all of these requests.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Illumiscreen III quest during the Lantern Rite event. This is one of many quests in this festival. Be sure to check back as we will be covering the other activities.

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