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In the Lanter Rite III Tales there is a request called Guests in Qingce. This requests tasks players with helping out a number of villagers in the Qingce Village area of Genshin Impact. Towards the end of the quest you will encounter a man named Qingzhou. Qingzhou creates riddle lanterns that feature riddles for you to solve. If you want to know the Qingzhou lantern riddles answers we have them below.

Answers to Qingzhou Riddles

Image showing a Lantern Riddle in Genshin Impact.

The riddles are on the riddle lanterns Qingzhou makes once you deliver the Xiao Lantern items to him. Once he makes the three riddle lanterns he will ask if you to solve them. You will start with the lantern on the right and work your way left. Each time you interact with a lantern you will trigger its riddle.

Riddle 1: “Rock-hard flesh and bamboo bones. Lives in the city with thousands of clones. Pitch-black sea marks the end of its flight. Within its body hides resplendent light.”

Answer: Xiao Lantern.

Riddle 2: “A bamboo tube with powdered stone. Burns in the night as bright as the sun. It roars like thunder, very frightening. But it summons ash instead of lightning.”

Answer: Firecrackers.

Riddle 3: “Watch me rise from Wanmin and ride the wind to Jueyun. But if my string is broken, I flail and plummet to oblivion.”

Answer: kite.

Once you answer the riddles above you will receive a reward from Qingzhou. This rewards is features 10k Mora and a few other goodies.

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