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Upon completion of the Light Upon the Sea mission in Genshin Impact players will unlock a Lantern Rite Tales III mission. This mission is called Guests in Qingce. To complete this mission players need to visit with Wang’ya who has something to say. Wang’ya is located in the Wangshu Inn. To help you complete this mission use our Guests in Qingce guide below.

Meet Wang’ya at Wangshu Inn

Once you’ve unlocked the Lantern Rite Tales III you will gain access to this mission. To start this mission make your way to the Wangshu Inn and speak to Wang’ya. Wang’ya can be found on the ground level of the inn next to the stairs leading up to the first deck area. Speak to Wang’ya when you see her to trigger an interaction.

Where to Find Mr. Bohuan

Image showing Where to Find Mr. Bohuan.

During the interaction Wang’ya tells you she is looking for a guest that is suppose to be visiting. This guest is named Mr. Bohuan. Mr. Bohuan is lost somewhere and requires being found. This type of work sounds right up the Traveler’s alley. Once you are done speaking with Wang’ya head directly north of the inn so you reach Qingce Village. In the village you will find Mr. Bouhan in the large building next to the fast travel point. Speak to him.

Give Lantern to Uncle Ghast, Master Lu, and Hanfeng

After speaking to Mr. Bouhan you will need to make a couple of deliveries around the village. The first delivery is of a Xiao Lantern to Uncle Ghast. Uncle Ghast is located nearby (only 90m). Leave the building and head to the section of village near the waterwheel. Here you will find Uncle Ghast next to his character. Speak to Uncle Ghast to make the delivery.

The second delivery you need to make is to Master Lu. Master Lu is located on the edge of the village near a cliff. Approach this NPC and speak to him to deliver the Xiao Lantern. Master Lu doesn’t know where to find Qingzhou. That’s means another delivery to make.

The final delivery you need to make is to Hanfeng. Hanfeng is located at the flower farm to the north of Qingce Village. Make the trek to the marked location to meet Hangfeng, “Cold Blade.” Speak to him to make the delivery and learn where to find Qingzhou.

Find Qingzhou and Solve His Riddles

Qhingzhou and a group of children passed by Hangfeng, “Cold Blade” houses on their way to the nearby shrine. Make your way to the shrine to find Qingzhou and the kids. Speak to Qingzhou to learn he needs three Xiao Lanter materials. These means you need to give him: 3x Plaustrite Shard, 3x Wick Material, and 3x Lantern Fiber. Once you have the materials give them all to Qingzhou. Qingzhou will make three riddle lanterns you must solve.

Qingzhou Lantern Riddle Answers

  1. Xiao Lantern.
  2. Firecrackers.
  3. Kites.

Once you solve the three riddles speak with Qingzhou again. Qingzhou will give you 10000 Mora as a reward.

Make your way back into the village and speak to Wang’ya. Follow her through the village and speak to her each time she stops. On the second interaction you will complete the quest and will receive your quest rewards.

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