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The final main quest in Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite storyline is called Light Upon the Sea. This quest tasks you with meting up with Xiao at the Wangshu Inn to discuss the events that have transpired regarding the plot against the festival. In typical main quest fashion things aren’t that easy. To help you complete this quest use our Light Upon the Sea guide below.

Light Upon the Sea Walkthrough

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The Light Upon the Sea mission is the final main mission players can complete as part of the Lantern Rite main questline. This final mission consists of a number of objectives players need to complete. Once the objectives are completed the player is rewarded. Completing this quest alongside other requirements will allow players to unlock a free 4* character for their party. To start the quest visit Xiao at the Wangshu Inn. Xiao is on the top floor.

Talk to Verr Goldet

When you meet with Xiao you will discuss what transpired in the previous mission. After this discussion you will receive a new quest step to talk to Verr Goldet. Verr Goldet is the inn’s manager. Head downstairs and speak to her at the front desk. The duo at the desk suggests bringing the Lantern Rite to Xiao. You and Paimon agree to help.

Find a Good Spot for a Stall

Image showing where to Find a Good Spot for a Stall.

After speaking to the duo you need to source out a spot for a stall. You need to scope out a few spots before you settle on the one you want. The first spot is located on the ground level beneath Wangshu Inn next to the stairs leading the elevator. Approach the quest light and interact with it. Leave this spot and head over to the spot in the eating area. Interact with the quest light. Leave this spot and drop down to the walkway below. Interact with the quest light here to trigger a cutscene with Huai’an. In this cutscene Huai’an will setup the stall.

Talk to Xiao

Head back up to the top of the inn and speak to Xiao. This will trigger an interaction with Xiao that sees you inviting him to the Lantern Rite. Xiao will accept your invitation and will head to the stall down below.

Dine with Xiao

Image showing the Dine with Xiao cutscene.

Head down to the stall below and approach the quest light next to the table. This will trigger an interaction with Xiao that sees you two feast. After the feast you will invite Xiao to accompany you on the way to Liyue Harbor. Xiao reluctantly accepts you invitation which triggers the next quest step.

Go to Liyue Harbor and Watch Cutscene

Walk or fast travel your way to the fast travel point just north of Liyue Harbor on the hill overlooking the city. When you reach this location you will speak to Xiao again. After this interaction make your way down to Liyue Harbor. Go to the base of the stairs to trigger a cutscene of the Lantern Rite celebration.

After this cutscene ends you will have completed the Light Upon the Sea mission. Completing this mission unlocks access to the Lantern Rite Tales III collection. These requests can be completed to earn rewards. You will also receive the quest rewards from completing this mission.

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